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custom school ties from james morton ties

School teaches children many different lessons, preparing them for life ahead. Discipline and respect are part and parcel of those lessons and it all starts with their school uniforms.

Many schools value their image and school children are taught at an early age to respect their school. This is one of the reasons why having a sharp and unique uniform is important.

Top quality school ties from James Morton Ties

Pupils represent their school and most will be expected to wear the school’s colours, logo and, of course, the school tie with pride.

At James Morton Ties, we have a proud history of supplying top quality ties to many different schools.

Our school ties are made to last using hardwearing fabrics and extra stitching for long durability. We can make our ties to any size and stitch in labels for pupil’s to write their names. We also supply woven school badges and are experts in matching any existing artwork.

Our UK manufacturing capability allows us to offer short lead times and still deliver the most competitive rates in the industry.

James Morton has built a strong reputation supplying school ties direct to schools and to school uniform retailers.

Ordering your custom school ties

Find a design that you want to fit the tie with your school’s uniform and we can create hardwearing ties that can survive regular use at school.

If you want quality UK manufactured school ties, then placing an order couldn’t be simpler.

1. Call us on 0845 519 6748 for a quote, remembering that a minimum quantity for the order will be added.

2. Choose your design and there is no obligation for our design service. We want to make sure you have a school tie you are happy with.

3. Confirm your order. We will send you a fully made sample for your appraisal before we fulfil your order.

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