Custom made ties at an unbeatable Price

As our saying goes, “we won’t be beaten on price!”. For good quality ties we provide a reasonable price depending on the design, fabric and the volume of ties a customer orders.

Every gentleman, at some point in his life will need a tie. Whether it be the classic necktie or a playful bowtie, there will be occasions where a man’s outfit is not complete without a tie. It won’t matter how fancy and expensive a suit is, without a tie it’s just not right.

But we understand that it is not all the time that people know where to find the right tie for the occasion. With different styles and patterns out there, it is a tough decision to face especially if one seeks perfection.

At James Morton Ties, we supply a variety of custom made ties to suit every occasion. From school ties to corporate ties, our online catalogue provides a rainbow of designs and choices.

Sleek, sophisticated, colourful, etc, we offer as many different styles as we can that suit the varying tastes of our customers.

And don’t think we just stop at beautiful designs, we most definitely have an eye for quality as well. James Morton aims to make sure our customers are fully satisfied not with how the tie looks, but how the tie holds up as well.

For such good quality ties we provide a reasonable price, though of course prices will depend on the design, fabric and the volume of the ties a customer orders. As our saying goes, “we won’t be beaten on price!”

We have had plenty of clients known throughout the country. Well known universities such as the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Durham University and Bromsgrove School have made use of our services for school ties.

Aside from ties we also have scarves for the ladies and different accessories such as tie pins and cuff links.

Interested buyers should know that we have a minimum order volume of 30 ties.