Even the Armed Forces Need to Know How to Care for Their Ties

We want our members of the armed forces to enjoy their ties for as long as they like. At James Morton Ties, we use a more durable fabric for these ties that are usually worn very often.

Having a part in any of the British armed forces gives one a great deal of honour and respect. Other members of the armed forces see you as a brother/sister. Citizens look up to you as their protector.

However, it is not just the current members of the armed forces who have all the honour. Veterans should also be highly praised for performing their duties until they were well into old age.

Well, there is a great way for these people to show their pride in being the country’s protectors. That is by wearing regimental ties, and at James Morton Ties we can design ties that make you really proud of yourself.

Actually ties make you look respectable, well maybe even more so since you are already in a respectable position, being in the armed forces. Somehow they just make a statement, it is almost like wearing a tie gives you a different aura that other people almost instantly notice.

Of course we want our members of the armed forces to enjoy their ties for as long as they like. That is why we use a more durable fabric called polyester for these ties that are usually worn very often.

However, no matter how durable the fabric, you still have got to take care of your ties properly, especially if you wear them for long periods of time every day. After all, caring for your tie is not such a difficult thing to do.

So for you to have an idea, here are three tips on how to take good care of your tie:

Clean Them Properly

As much as possible you should not get any stains on your tie. However, if it cannot be helped, there are different ways for proper cleaning depending on the stain.

For ordinary stains, blot it with cold water the instance it gets on your tie to prevent it from setting. The best kind of water for this is club soda or seltzer water.

However water would not work on oily or greasy stains. Use talcum powder to absorb the stain and leave it there for a few hours, after that you can brush off the powder and clean it with a soft cloth.

Also when you take your tie to a dry cleaner you should not forget to tell them not to press your ties. Ironing a tie ruins its shape because it flattens the rolled edges.

Properly Removing Wrinkles

As mentioned above, ironing your ties is a big no-no. To get wrinkles off your ties use steam. The easiest way is for you to have a hot shower and hang your tie on the bathroom door. However, for tougher wrinkles, you are going to have to purchase your own hand held steamer.

The Usefulness of Tie Pins

Tie pins are helpful to keep your tie in place and prevent them from getting stained by the food you happen to be eating. We also have tie pins at James Morton Ties that you can order along with your ties.

Even members of the armed forces have to learn a few things about taking care of their ties. Hopefully these tips will help you much in keeping your ties in perfect shape.