Taking Care of Your Ties: A Couple of Tips

If you take good care of your ties you will allow yourself to enjoy wearing them more often.

Ties make a fashion statement in many ways. They complement our suits and give an air of sophistication to us gentlemen.

In fact, you can never really call a suit a real suit if it has not got its matching tie. I am sure you might also feel pretty incomplete without a tie. You might not quite achieve the really classy look with your suit if you have not got a tie.

Ties are more than just being a fashion statement or the missing puzzle piece to our suits. They can also be used to determine one’s membership of a club or being a student at a particular university.

In fact, club ties have become a new and trending way for clubs to identify themselves and their members. After all, ordering a complete uniform can be expensive, and unlike ties you might not wear them anywhere else but for a club function.

Club ties can also be more affordable than ordering club shirts, and they can look great on anything your club members wear. At James Morton Ties we can design your ties to your most favoured design.

Although ties are a cheaper alternative to uniforms and shirts, you still got to take good care of them. They are just a small piece of cloth, so ties do not take much effort for some proper care.

Our ties are made of a durable fabric, however you still have to do your part in keeping them in good shape. Ties that are well-kept can be worn more often and will look better, so here are a couple of tips to help you take care of them:

Be Careful When Untying Your Ties

The proper method of untying your tie is to do the tying method in reverse. Untying your tie by pulling at its thin end can ruin its shape.

Often arriving home tired can tempt us into having the faster method of untying our ties. However, if you really want the best for your tie you have to do the reverse tying method, no matter how tired you may be.

Store Your Ties Properly

If you store your ties by rolling them up and placing them in your drawer, that is not how you properly store your ties. Hanging your tie is a great and effortless way to straighten the creases. It might be great to invest in a tie hanger if you have a number of ties.

When you are travelling, fold your ties into four parts and place them in your coat pocket. That way the tie’s shape is still neatly kept.

If you take good care of your ties you will allow yourself to enjoy wearing them more often. Not to mention you will most likely spend less on buying ties as well.