The Sophistication of Silk: Five Tips That Can Help You Care For Your Silk Ties

Silk ties bring out a more sophisticated and professional look and they can last for a long time when they are well-cared for

Ties are often used to create a formal and professional look, which is why they are often used by businessmen. Some corporations even use ties as part of their corporate uniform, so they may have a way to establish their name and identity.

Custom made corporate ties help establish an identity because they often bear the corporation’s logo and colours. As an employee goes to work while wearing the tie, people may be able to notice it and remember the corporation where the they work.

Corporate Ties, depending on the nature of work, can be made out of silk or polyester. Usually when it is a simple office job, the ties can be made out of silk since this fabric brings out a more sophisticated and professional look.

Silk ties can last for a long time when they are well-cared for, so here are a few cleaning and caring tips that might help you and your employees:

Rubbing alcohol is an effective remedy for stains. To use this properly, dab the rubbing alcohol on the stain and immediately blow dry it. Blow drying the stain right after dabbing a rubbing alcohol can help avoid a stain ring from forming. This method needs to be done at least three times until the tie can be completely free of the stain.

Avoid using water when cleaning a silk tie. However when a tie does become wet, use a blow dryer. Afterwards, lay the tie down on a clean, white towel. Fold or roll the towel until it covers the tie and leave it there for one or two days. The towel may be stained by the tie’s colour, so use one that is disposable or unused.

Talcum powder or cornstarch works well on oily or greasy stains. When a stain of this nature happens, apply a layer of the powder or cornstarch on the area. Let it set and leave the tie overnight. The next morning, brush away all the excess powder. This might need to be done repeatedly to completely remove the stain.

One common last resort method to cleaning ties involves the use of a home radiator. The first step of this method is done by hanging a towel over the radiator, afterwards we lay the tie down on the towel. You can then use a cold water vapour sprayer to evenly spray the stain, but be careful and avoid soaking it.

Next, use an absorbent and soft bathroom tissue to blot the tie. Leave the towel and the tie on the radiator overnight and the next morning, the stain should be gone. However if the stain is still there, repeat the process.

Observe caution when eating while wearing a tie to avoid stains in the first place. You can use tie pins to keep it in place or tuck it into your shirt or jacket. Some wearers even spray a thin layer of fabric protector on their ties. Slinging your tie over your shoulder is also a good way to save it from stains.

By using these tips we can extend the lives of the ties, allowing you and your employees more time to enjoy wearing them.