Keeping Our Ties In Place: Three Tie Accessories We Might Like

Helping ties stay in place: the Tie Bar, the Tie Clip, and the Tie Pin

Some corporate offices have a formal setting where everyone from the employees to the employers are asked to dress up in suits and ties. In cases like these, it might be a good opportunity to have our own uniform corporate ties.

These corporate ties are of course custom made to the corporation’s specifications, the whole design is decided upon by the officers or even all of the members. Hence, this type of ties allows us to have another way to promote our name.

If we have all of our employees wear the uniform tie with our logo and signature colours, other people may be able to easily remember and identify our corporation. This means our name becomes more exposed and it may even attract more clients and future employees.

Uniform corporate ties also show how serious and professional we handle our business. It shows that we have enough passion in exerting effort to establish our corporation’s name through these uniform ties which can be an attractive prospect for clients.

Once we are serious about our ties, we have to find certain ways to keep them in tip top shape. One of these ways is by using different types of tie accessories.

Most of these tie accessories are often used to keep a tie in place, especially while we eat or work. Here are some examples of these said tie accessories that we might want to purchase for our ties:

The Tie Bar

These started to become popular in the early 20th Century. Tie Bars, which are also known as Tie Slides, are shaped like thin pieces of metal. These are placed on the centre of the tie and attaches to the dress shirt we are wearing, thus keeping the tie in place. The most common type of Tie Bar is the side clasp, which works sort of the same way as a paper-clip. Tie Bars come in different shapes, from plain strips of metal to fountain pen shapes. These also make for a good fashion accessory as long as the Tie Bar is narrower than the tie.

The Tie Clip

This is a variant of the Tie Bar that is actually more similar to a hair clip than a paper-clip due to its spring hinges. They still work the same way though, since these are also placed horizontally across the tie and attaches to the dress shirt. The Tie Clip comes in various shapes, colours and sizes as well, allowing us to choose whichever is appropriate. These can be a good choice if we might like a more secure hold.

The Tie Tack

These are also called Tie Pins and have a more ‘invasive’ involvement with our ties. The Tie Tack has three parts:

1) The decorative piece, which comes in different forms like badges, company logos or coloured stones.

2) The pin, which goes through the tie and is mainly responsible for keeping it in place.

3) The base, where and pin is clipped and sometimes has a chain attached to it to keep it in place. They are called ‘invasive’ because these actually pierce through the tie. So caution has to be taken when using Tie Tacks.

These tie accessories often provide considerable help in keeping our ties clean since they are less likely to move out of place. So if that is what we might like to do, we may have our pick from any of these tie accessories.