Attractive & Long-Lasting Ties: Three Handy Tie Care Tips

Tips for prolonging the life and attractive condition of your ties.

Organisations are composed of different people from different places, but they usually share a particular interest. For example, a club consisting of men who are fans of a certain sport like football.

Schools and corporations are considered to be organisations as well since they are also groups of students and teachers or employees and employers. Basically, any large group of people who have established a name for themselves may be called an organisation.

Some big organisations are all about promoting their name and image, especially if it means they can acquire more members. That is why they create their own logos, tend to prominently use a certain set of colours and create uniforms based on those said logos and colours.

However, aside from creating uniforms for the members, at times they also like to come up with their own custom made ties. This is probably more commonly seen in schools, but corporations and clubs can have their own signature ties as well.

We have to keep in mind though that when we do have our own custom made organisation ties, it is imperative that we know how to care for them. This is especially important if the fabric is made out of silk, which is a common choice of fabric for club ties.

With that said, here are a few tips to guide us through the proper care of our ties, so they continue to look attractive and last longer:

Whether the tie is made out of delicate silk or durable polyester, it is essential to store them in the right place. Ideally, we have to keep our ties away from any natural light to prevent the colours from fading. This means that right after we remove them, we have to store them in our closets, but we have to avoid our drawers. Why? Well, because ties are better off hung over a dowel or coat hanger than being rolled up and stuffed in a drawer. In fact, certain department stores even sell affordable hangers specially made for storing ties.

Speaking of removing our ties, this has to be done properly as well. Remember that tying one involves several folds that may cause creases and wrinkles, and forcefully pulling a tie off can result in even more wrinkles and creases. Instead of pulling it off, we can preserve the tie’s shape by simply reversing the tying process.

There is a reason why they call it clothes hangers and it is because they are specifically made for clothes like shirts, blazers, pants, etc. Some of us might commit the mistake of using clothes hangers for ties, which may lead to a couple of problems. Ties tend to twist and fall off on clothes hangers, which is something that should be avoided. Leave the clothes hangers to clothes and use a tie hanger or, as mentioned earlier, a dowel or coat hanger to hang ties.

Caring for a tie might seem a little challenging, but it is worth it once you see a neat stack of good-looking ties that have been properly cared for. Also, remember to share these tips with other people, especially those who are members of your organisation. That way all of you can have long lasting ties which you can wear to various occasions.