A ‘Silky’ Emergency: The Proper Way of Cleaning Ordinary and Stubborn Stains on Silk Ties

When creating a bespoke tie for clubs or business, our most popular fabric is silk. This is because of the quality and comfort a silk tie can offer. Sometimes though there can still be instances where silk ties may become stained. When that happens, we have to remember to keep calm and try to clean it immediately. Just follow these simple steps and you can save your silk ties:

Ordinary Stains

Step 1: Prepare a washbasin and add a full cup of gentle laundry detergent. It is important that this is done before adding the water.

Step 2: Fill the washbasin with cold water until it is half full. Gently lower the tie into the soapy water and hold it there for at least two minutes.

Step 3: Afterwards, you can release the tie and allow the detergent water to do its work for about 10 minutes.

Step 4: Avoid scrubbing the tie as this weakens the silk fibres and may cause the colours to bleed. Instead, move the tie in a gentle upwards and downwards motion for the detergent to run between the fibres.

Step 5: Upon seeing a spot, use a soft cloth to wipe it from the outer edge and slowly start going inside. Again, remember to be gentle and use minimal pressure.

Step 6: Drain the detergent water, clean the washbasin, and fill it again with cold water to rinse the tie.

Step 7: Straightly lay the tie on a bath towel and roll it (the bath towel) around the tie. The towel will absorb the excess water.

Afterwards, unroll the towel over a rack for the tie to remain lying flat on the towel. Leave it alone until it is completely dry. If a stain persists, using this method might be a better option. Stubborn Stains

Step 1: Place the tie on a flat and clean surface.

Step 2: Cover the stain with a thin layer of talcum powder or cornstarch.

Step 3: Let the powder or cornstarch sit on the tie for several hours for it to absorb the stain.

Step 4: Use a towel to wipe the powder off.

We also have the option of bringing our ties to the dry cleaners, but it is more recommended to clean silk ties by ourselves before we consult professional tie cleaners. We have to properly prevent our silk ties from being stained by using tiepins that keep them in place. However, at least we have these simple steps to follow in case of an emergency.