The Simple Clip-On: The Four Benefits of Clip-On Ties

When we speak about ties, we think of a variety of colours, patterns, fabrics and designs. We may also picture out the regular businessman/woman ready for work, or a little schoolboy or girl ready for classes.

Sometimes we might also think about the rush of tying a tie together during cases when we are running late for work or school. While some people get used to it, there are just times when we wish there was an easier way to wear a tie.

This is especially true for some parents of young children who have a hard time having them (the children) stay still long enough for them to tie their school ties. That is why tie manufacturers have come up with a faster and easier way to wear a tie through the creation of pre-tied or clip-on ties. Schools like private elementary schools in the United Kingdom frequently use clip-on ties. Then as the child proceeds to higher elementary levels or high school, they start using self-tie ties.

Aside from schools though, there are other benefits of using clip-on ties, and here are a few of them:

Clip-on ties are more convenient because of how fast and easy it is to put them on. With this type of tie, all we need to do is clip or snap it in place and we are good to go.

Sometimes with self-tie ties, we have the tendency to strive for the perfect knot. While that is all right, it can consume a lot of time and it can also wrinkle the tie if we keep untying and tying it back. The clip-on tie is already neatly knotted, so it saves us from the itching feeling of wanting an absolutely perfect tie knot.

These types of ties are actually imperative for security or prison guards. This is due to the fact that clip-on ties come off very easily, making it a precaution against strangulation by criminals or inmates.

Clip-on ties are somewhat the ‘saviour’ of someone who has yet to learn how to tie a tie. In case people like these are in dire need of a tie, they can always resort to clip-on ties if they lack the time. However, learning how to tie a tie is essential for anyone and everyone.

There can be other benefits of using clip-on ties, especially for schools and security organisations. If we have our own we can discover the other benefits ourselves and maybe even share these with others who are interested in clip-on ties.