Adding Colour to Our Lives: Five Colours We Can Use For the Design of Our Ties

Five examples of colours we can use to uniquely design our ties.

In order for different organisations distinguish themselves from each other, they come up with something that gives them an identity. This often comes in the form of unique logos that are placed on the walls of the office building, in uniforms, websites, etc.

An organisation’s logo can also be woven into custom ties, which are of course worn by members of that particular organisation. Sometimes in certain corporations, these ties are offered as gifts to loyal clients or business partners.

These organisations combine a variety of colours and patterns to create a design that sets their custom ties apart from others. At times, they use these unique designs as a way for people to easily remember them for marketing purposes.

What are these particular colours that can be used on our ties? Well, here are a few we can consider:

Multicoloured Ties

From the name itself, we can tell that these ties have more than just a couple of colours. Multicoloured ties bring about quite a distinct design that stands out if the colours are used correctly. Creative colour combinations in ties can put an emphasis in an organisation’s individuality and taste in style. Be wary though about using multicoloured ties for formal office settings, since they can look somewhat too casual.

Brown Ties

This earthy colour has an aura of practicality. It is simple, but has a subtle elegance and it can always be relied on for formal environments. Brown is one of those soothing colours, which is something we might like if we want to avoid making an impression that is too strong. The colour brown can also be paired well with almost any other colour. For example if we are designing a red tie, but decided that it might be too strong, we can always add a dash of brown to tone it down.

Grey/Silver Ties

These ties are often used for special events like parties or formal conventions. Grey or silver ties are also a classic choice to pair with a white dress shirt. These ties can also be worn in office settings, but we have to be sure we are wearing a properly matched suit and dress shirt.

Green Ties

Green is a great tie colour for businesses, it is the colour of money after all. This colour is also known to symbolise growth and rebirth which is great if we want to emphasise the value of teamwork in our organisation. Green, like brown, is a soothing colour. This colour can even have a relaxing effect on our eyes when they become too stressed.

White Ties

These ties are usually worn by people with law-related work such as lawyers, judges and defenders. For law organisations that are designing a tie, the colour white can be a good choice since white ties already have that certain symbolism. However, it might be better to avoid this colour for other types of organisations.

Of course, these are only examples of the colours your organisation can use for your ties, there are plenty other colours out there to try and experiment with. If you are still confused about what colour to use on your ties, you may always refer to this list or consult with professional tie designers.