Three Tie Fabric Examples: Silk, Satin and Polyester

At some point in our lives, we may be asked to put on something formal, whether it be for a special occasion or because our place of work requires us to. In those sorts of cases, having our own ties can come in quite handy.

Aside from being helpful for those occasions, ties are also known to be used by different kinds of organisations. They (the organisations) often use these ties like a uniform in order for their members to be easily identifiable.

The use of ties is particularly common among schools in the United Kingdom. In fact, we see students wearing their school ties almost every day. Clubs and corporations use ties in the same way as well, sometimes they even do so as a form of promoting themselves.

These ties are more commonly known as custom ties, since in order to capture the exact essence of an organisation, these ties have to be custom made to precise requirements. This means the ties are created based on specific choices of colours, patterns, and fabrics.

For now, let us zero in on the different assortment of tie fabrics, as there are quite a number of choices available. So to begin, here are a few examples of these tie fabrics we can use for our custom organisational ties:

Silk Ties

Custom Silk Ties

  • Silk is probably one of the most expensive and most sophisticated choice of tie fabrics. It is known to be a ‘seasonal’ fabric, as it can be worn for all seasons and for all occasions. Despite it being on the expensive side, silk is still a widely popular tie fabric choicebecause of its high class feel. In addition, Silk ties are more commonly worn by adult organisations like men’s and women’s clubsand corporations. This is because it is a delicate fabric making it a little inappropriate to beworn by children.

Custom Satin Ties

  • Satin is a UWC Atlantic College Scarves and Tiestype of fabric that can be made from any fibre that has a long filament, like nylon, polyester and silk. This is created by weaving any of those fabrics together using a ‘satin weave’. The result is a fabric that is smooth and glossy on one side, and dull and matte on the other. Satin ties make for a beautiful accent to a nice suit and can look as luxurious as silk. Be careful though, as any snags on the fabric can stand out quite clearly due to the smoothness and shininess of the fabric.

Custom Polyester Ties

Derby Masonic PGL Bow Ties and Pocket Squares.
  • Polyester is one of the more affordable types of tie fabrics, and it is also more durable than other fabrics. Due to its toughness, polyester is the perfect choice for ties that are going to be worn by children, like school ties. Compared to silk, polyester ties can withstand a little more of rough activity without sustaining too much damage. Polyester ties though feel kind of stiff to the touch, but nevertheless, they make a good fabric option for rambunctious children.

These are only three examples of the wide variety of tie fabrics that are out there. If you want to explore all the other options, you can search online or consult with us. That way, you and your organisation can choose a fabric that suits your ties the best!