Keeping the Tie Secured: The Three Types of Tie Accessories We Can Use

Organisations are formed through a shared interest of a group of individuals. These individuals often have their own set of expertise, which they use in working together to create a society of their own.

Often these organisations have their own set of colours and a logo to establish their identity. This is also done as a form of promoting the organisation to gather more members or more customers.

These logos and colours can be used for different things, but most of the time they appear in the form of clothing, like custom made ties. The use of custom made uniform ties is a common sight in the UK, a few good examples are clubs and societies and their club ties.

These types of ties are worn by the club members, most of the time during special occasions such as Interclub events or formal gatherings. Usually, these ties are made out of fine silk, a fabric that wearers have to wear with caution as it is a delicate fabric.

For that reason, we have to take some extra measures to assure and maintain the quality of our silk ties. One way for us to do that is by wearing tie accessories that help keep the tie in place, mainly so we can avoid food stains.

These are the following examples of tie accessories we can use to keep our ties out of trouble:

  • Tie Strap. This is a fairly new type of tie accessory used for restraining the tie. The Tie Strap is made of a transparent plastic, making it look almost invisible. To use this accessory, we have to slip the strap into the label loop at the back of the tie. Afterwards, we button it onto our shirt buttons above and below the label loop.
  • Tie Chain. These are considered to be more of a decoration rather than an accessory to keep ties in place, since other accessories have proven to be more effective. A tie chain is made out of a bar that settles over a shirt button, with its chain resting in front of the tie. This prevents the tie from swinging out of place, but other accessories have a firmer hold onto the tie compared to the Tie Chain.
  • Tie Tack. The smallest of the tie accessories, the Tie Tack is known to be a little more ‘invasive’ compared to the others. This is because the tie tack contains a pin which pierces through the tie. It is then accompanied by a bar that is attached to the pin through a chain. The bar is inserted into one of the shirt button holes, and this is how it keeps the tie in place.

So which tie accessory you like more? Is it the strap? The chain? Or the small Tie Tack? Whatever it may be, the decision of which tie accessory suits you best is completely up to you and what you feel is best for your ties!