Kingsman: The Secret Service – The Return of the Bespoke Tailor

This June, Kingsman: The Secret Service will be released on DVD and it could see a return of gentleman’s tailored fashion. In recent years, we have seen a move away from suited fashion, but with a popular film staged around the idea of the gentleman spy, we believe that suits could be making a come back.

Suits are the gentleman's armour, including his tieBespoke Fashion

Suits are an integral part of a gentleman’s wardrobe and a tie is essential to completing that outfit. At James Morton, we believe that creating a bespoke item for our clients makes them and their appearance feel unique, compared to the uniformed nature of suits.

We offer a service to create a bespoke ties tailored to your needs. What more could a modern gentleman’s organisation ask for? The Kingsmen say, “The suit is the modern gentleman’s armour.” For every suit there should be a tie and that is what we offer.

Custom ties

We offer custom made ties created from silk and polyester, which could be worn by any gentleman at his club or for his university and school. You can have your own symbol or logo woven into the tie, so it is distinctive for you. Make a real impression by having colours and patterns that fit your style and suit. Your tie will make sure you stand out from all others and give your suit the finish it deserves.

A modern gentleman doesn’t want his tie blowing wildly around in the wind. Every man should own a tie clip to keep your tie straight and secure to your shirt.


A gentleman’s cuffs deserve the same respect as your neck does and what says more than a pair of bespoke cufflinks. They can represent you and your establishment is an item all modern men should own. You can have your club’s coat of arms glinting as they hold your cuffs together for all to see. Like your tie, they create an image of you that is distinct from all others.

Pocket Squares

A final item that is needed to compliment a gentleman’s bespoke tie is a pocket square for his jacket’s top pocket. Our pocket square and handkerchiefs can be created in tandem with your tie to make sure that along with your suit, they create a distinctive style.