Tie Clip: The accessory every man should have for his tie

Tie wearers in the UK know there won’t be many days when the wind hasn’t been blowing strong and your tie has been flapping about to your annoyance.

There is one piece of kit however that will assist with this dilema: A tie clip. It’s important to know how to pull off these small but essential accessories.

The position of the clip is simple and yet many either put it too high or too low, which throws off the entire look. Dress etiquette states that the tie clip should be worn between the third and fourth button of your shirt.

This would put it below your pectorals and above your sternum. This should help the walk through the wind easier to bear. This is its purpose and that’s the only way it should be used.

The size of your tie clip matters as well. You should never wear a clip that is bigger than the width of your tie. It ruins the narrow effect that your tie has on your overall appearance.

When looking to buy a tie clip, find one that is around three quarters the width of your tie. This will make your look perfect.

When choosing your clip, think hard about the style of clip you want. For lighter, thinner ties, try a sliding clasps because it won’t put undue stress on the tie. For heavier, thicker ties, we recommend using a pitch clasps to keep it in place.

The tie clip should always go straight across and be perpendicular to the tie. Always.

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