Fifty shades of colour for your tie

If you have your set suits with set colours like grey, black or navy, then you rely on your tie to inject colour into your attire. The colour you choose in important because it symbolises an important aspect about you.

For the safest colour to wear without worry, have a blue tie at the ready. It is known for being the safest of colours because each shade reminds us of trust, calm and respect. If you are looking for a professional appearance then a patterned blue is a well-recommended option. Navy blue is a reminder of the well-respected and trustworthy image of the RAF pilot’s uniform. Royal Blue will give you the right amount to allow you to stand out without appearing too arrogant.

If you want to express power then red is a colour you need. Politicians and public speakers wear red because it displays power, strength, passion but also trust and warmth. Again the shade is important, for lighter reds convey a sense of creativity and ambition, while darker reds build a subtle trust for you.

Everyone owns a black tie. We need them for black tie parties, funerals and other events. But what does wearing a black tie say about you? If you wear it for a party whether it is black tie or a cocktail party, you create a sophisticated vibe around yourself. However wear one at work and you could be instilling an idea of arrogance about yourself. In those cases, a grey shade is advised for those office meetings. Grey is edgy and a more modern with a polished look.

If you are a person with self-confidence then you are advised to find yourself a purple tie. It conveys that you are comfortable within yourself and allows those you meet to have a lasting impression of you. People will want to create relationships with you because they feel comfortable with you because you are comfortable with yourself.

The most difficult colour to wear is green. With its many shades, green is risky because it symbolises so much. It represents rebirth, but also it is the colour of money, however if it’s too bright, it can be loud and distracting in the workplace. However a light subtle green can make those around you feel relaxed. It is a colour that needs careful thought to make sure it fits your outfit perfectly.

For one of the more positive colours, try a yellow tie. It instills assuredness, radiance, vitality and optimism, giving everyone around you a positive feeling.

Designing your custom tie is heavily reliant on the colours you choose, so think hard about the message you wish to convey to those around you, whether it be in your club or how you want your business to appear to your clients or opposition.