Bow Ties, Bookmakers & Bond

Thirty years ago, Roger Moore’s James Bond starred in A View To A Kill and attended the races. At Uttoxeter Racecourse, there is a James Bond-themed day of horse racing. This will include a red carpet and casino tables for everyone to get in the mood. That means it is time to pull out the bow tie you’ve kept in your drawer, waiting for a chance to use it. Get yourself down there on Sunday 4 October for a day of James Bond fun.

James Bond has always been inextricably linked to black tie and bow ties throughout the many books and films he has starred in. 28 times he has worn black tie throughout the 24 films. This month sees the release of the 24th film, Spectre, which will see Daniel Craig’s Bond taking on the criminal organisation that has not been seen since the Connery days.

James Bond always wears a self-tie bow tie and the majority of the times, he was worn a butterfly bow tie. 20 out of 28 times, he has chosen the butterfly, but he has occasionally varied by wearing a batwing bow tie six times and a diamond tip bow tie twice. In Spectre, you will see the return of the favourite ivory dinner jacket and butterfly bow tie, which hasn’t been seen since the Roger Moore days.

Clip-on bow ties are easy because we understand that tying a bow tie is harder than tying a normal necktie, but once you know how to do it, it becomes second nature. Here is our guide to tying a bow tie like Bond.

How to tie a bow tie

Start with the bow tie hanging around your collar, lying face up. Now adjust the balance so that the right side is shorter than the left.

Take the end of the left side and move it across to the right before bringing it under the right tip and up through the neck loop. Now take the right end and move it across the joint to the right and then move it back on itself to the left to create a bow shape.

Bring the left side straight down the middle of the newly created bow shape and fold it back towards the centre and pinch the fold. Carefully push the pinched end through the loop behind the bow. Now pull on the folded part of the bow to tighten up and adjust the balance on both sides of the bow tie.

With that you know how to tie a bow tie like Bond. Don’t forget to watch Spectre this October.