Personalised Ties with the Personal Touch

A personalised tie is a unique piece of attire that can portray a number of facets or characteristics for either an organisation, company or institution, or an individual.

For many organisations, a personalised tie can reflect both the heritage and traditions of the organisation. Whereas for others, a personalised tie will be a reflection or a portrayal of their identity, or even their personality.

James Morton is the UK’s leading supplier of personalised ties and over the years has provided ties to organisations and institutions such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, The Ritz, Yorkshire Building Society, Renault and even the Azerbaijan Golf Federation.

For over 40 years James Morton has been creating top quality ties for many businesses, charities, clubs, regiments, universities and masonic chapters.

We can create a personalised tie with a pattern and logo representing your organisation or company, and rather than placing your logo on the visible area of the tie, we can easily weave the logo into the tie lining if you would prefer. We can also use bespoke tipping and create customised labels.

We can also suggest a range of suitable tie designs to reflect the look you wish to create, whether formal or perhaps sporting, and we can offer you our luxurious silks or the more economical polyester fabrics.

James Morton offers the shortest guaranteed lead times in the UK and our price promise guarantee assures high quality personalised ties at market leading rates.

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