Boxing & Bow Tie – And How To Tie Your Bow Tie

The legendary Rocky spin-off, Creed has hit cinemas and is a massive success. With boxing also making a come back nationally,  we are taking a look at how important bow ties are in the world of boxing.

In Britain and across the pond in the USA, boxing referees are mandated to wear black pants, black footwear, a shirt and a bow tie. However in America, the rules on attire are different depending on the state, but the bow tie is always prominent.

In England, the rules changed in 2012 and demand that all referees and judges wear smart black trousers, a white shirt and a black bow tie.

However in the USA, this changes from State to State. Arizona referees have to wear white or light blue shirts with a black bow tie. While in Ohio, the referees have to wear blue shirts and bow ties. Over in Hawaii, their referees need to wear grey shirts and a black bow tie.

Black bow ties are always the essential item that never changes and is worn by boxing referees around the world including most International competitions around the world, including like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

The bow tie is a symbol of high class in the sporting world and it demonstrates that boxing is a well-respected sport that has a long and respected history.

And for any amateur boxing referees out there, here is:

Our guide on how to tie your bow tie

  1. First and most obviously drape the bow tie around your neck like you would with a regular necktie. In the same way that one side of a regular tie hangs lower than the other, do the same with your bow tie.
  2. Take the longer end and cross it over the shorter end to form an X shape across the front. Then push the longer end over the top of the neck loop.
  3. Hold the longer end and then fold the shorter end of the bow tie in a horizontal fashion to create a bow shape.
  4. Take the longer ends tail and cover the centre of the shorter end. Fold the longer end in a very similar horizontal fashion that you did with the shorter end before.
  5. Pinch the fold you have just collected. Push the pinched end through the loop behind the short end. Pull the ends gently to tighten the knot.
  6. Continue to straighten and adjust the loops until you are happy with how your bow tie looks.