Rugby Ties: The Six Nations

The Rugby Six Nations is in full swing. The third round is approaching this weekend with two more rounds to follow. England are leading the way, with two impressive victories followed very closely behind by France.

Each nation has their own logo and colours and these are represented on the Rugby club tie of each team. Just like the teams in the six nations, their club ties are all very personalised and each one has its own individual style.


England Rugby Club TieEngland has won both rounds against opponents Scotland and Italy. Before the start of the tournament, England were the favourites to win with 13/8 odds, but since they have won two games those odds have improved to 4/5.

The England Rugby tie represents the colours of the nation with diagonal blue, red and white stripes with the English Rugby Rose on the left side at the bottom.

They defeated Italy at the weekend with a score of 40/9. And in the first round they beat Scotland by 15/9. In the third round they will face off against Ireland.


Wales Rugby Club TieWales has had a good start to the competition with a draw against Ireland and a victory against Scotland. Their odds before the tournament were 3/1, but going into the third round those odds have improved to 9/4.

In the coming third round Wales will take on France. Their club tie is a stark red with diagonal white line heading downwards left to right. The Welsh logo sits proudly in the bottom left of the tie.




Ireland's Rugby TieIreland has had a shaky start to the tournament with their draw against Wales, 16-16 in the first round. That was followed by a loss against France in the second round by one try, leaving it 10-9 to France.

In the third round they are going up the so far undefeated England. Their sports club tie has the famous Irish green mixed with thin white stripes and wide black stripes with the team logo inside the black.




France Rugby TieBefore the tournament began, Frances’ odds were 11/2, but after the second round their odds have improved to a respectful 5/1. This is down to their two victories against Italy and Ireland. They defeated Italy, 23-21 and Ireland, 10-9.

In the upcoming third round, France will be taking on Wales at Principality Stadium. Their tie is black with red and white stripes heading diagonally downward from left to right. Within the black stripe stands the proud logo in triplicate.



Scotland Rugby TieProud Scotland has suffered since before the start of the tournament and since it started. The odds at the beginning of the tournament were 14/1 but these have worsened to 150/1 since their two defeats at the hands of England in the first round and Wales in the second round.

In the third round they have a chance to increase those odds again when they play against Italy, the only other team to have worse odds and record than Scotland. Their tie is a deep purple combined with blue and red stripes.



Italy Rugby TieItaly has been the underdogs from the very beginning. They had the worst odds at the start of the tournament with odds of 350/1 and there has been no sign of this improving at all. Their first loss was against France 23-21. That was followed by a humiliating 40-9 against undefeated England. Italy’s odds after two rounds are now 999/1

In the coming third round they will play Scotland, giving them a chance to improve their odds. The Italian club tie is black with a single nationalist stripe representing Italy’s proud flag.

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