How To Match Your Pocket Square

Pocket squares are an excellent way of completing your outfit. They can flatter both your shirt and tie choices. But be careful you don’t mix pocket squares up with handkerchiefs as they are easily confused. Always remember that pocket squares are for show and should never be used, while a handkerchief can be used. If necessary always carry a handkerchief spare in your pocket.

When choosing or designing a pocket square, take care to consider how it will go with with your shirt, suit and tie colours.

The reason behind not wanting to have an exact matching tie and pocket square is the impression it gives that you didn’t choose it. That the matching items came from a cheap combo bought for you by an uncaring relative, which is seen as an offence against dress etiquette. Remember that your pocket square is the perfect finish to your elegant outfit and should be treated as such.

When choosing your pocket square or handkerchief, first consider what coloured shirt or tie design you are wearing and then decide on the pocket square. As an example, if you choose a lovely navy blue tie, choose a slightly different shade o blue for your pocket square so that they compliment but do not match each other.

When it comes to a personalised pocket square for your club or corporation, then we have a few suggestions. If you wish to design a pocket square to go with your personalised ties, then it is best to design the tie first. Once you have the design and you’ve decided where the logo will be positioned on the tie, move onto the pocket square’s design.

When it comes to your pocket square, consider using similar colours to your tie like you would with normal ties and pocket square. If you wish to make it personalised and yet subtle, use the colours of your logo as the main colours for your pocket square. With a pocket square in the colours of your logo and brand, you can make a real impression for your club or company or whichever organisation you choose to represent.

If you want to make a great outfit, look truly superb, you cannot go wrong with an excellent combination of tie and pocket square.