How to take care of your ties

We all know that a tie can complete your outfit and that means you need to take care of it. If you don’t take care, they can become tattered and ugly. They need to be cared for and treated respectfully because a single wrinkle can throw off your entire look. Here are a few tips for keeping your ties look sharp.

Untying your tie

How many of you after a long day at work have just wanted to rip the tie from around your neck? I’m sure there are a few of you. But the act of removing your tie is just as important as the knot you choose to tie your tie with at the beginning. It is a simple job to do to keep your tie in good condition and that is to reverse the tie-tying process you chose.


Where you store your tie when it’s not around your neck is key. While they look like items that can just be throw anywhere like on the back of a chair for example, they need careful thought putting into their storage.

For Silk ties, they need to be kept in a dark, dry place. This is because as a protein fibre, silk reacts badly when left in sunlight. It will suffer from sun damage and fading.

To avoid wrinkles, you need to hang your ties correctly, so that they naturally straighten out when you are not wearing them. A tie rack is the perfect choice because it can be hung in your wardrobe and can hold many ties. Tie racks are not expensive items so there is little reason not to have one. For the sake of your ties, purchase yourself a tie rack.

If you travel a lot, either on holiday or for business, we recommend find a good quality tie travel case. This will allow you to keep your ties straight, meaning they will not crease or wrinkle in your suitcase.

Removing your wrinkles

If you are unfortunate enough to find a wrinkle in your tie, we recommend that ironing it should be avoided. The best tool to use to remove wrinkles is steam. When you have a hot shower before work or and event, hang your tie up and allow the steam to do its work. If you have a more stubborn wrinkle, we recommend finding yourself a hand held steamer to carefully remove it. Make a couple of decent passes with the steamer and your wrinkle should have disappeared.