Different ways to wear ladies silk scarves

Normally to complete your outfit you would choose an accessory this would be either a necklace or bracelet however, silk scarves are becoming a popular accessory for women.

Ladies silk scarves have become a stylish accessory to complete outfits, as they can be seen worn in the workplace, club or society associations or as part of a uniform. There are many ways you can complete your outfit using silk scarves.

Bandit Style

woman wearing a bandit style scarfA classic style for silk scarves, it is easy to do and looks great with your outfit. To achieve this look you will need to lay your scarf on a flat service, fold two of the corners to meet each other so you’ve created a triangle.

Placing the scarf around your neck wide point over your chest facing down, tie the ends around your neck and tie them, leaving the scarf in a loose knot.


Scarf in a bow

Woman wearing scarf as a bowOne of the most feminine in the ladies silk scarf styles, it is simple to do. Firstly place the scarf on a flat service spreading it completely, diagonally folding the scarf in half so to create a triangle. Then roll the scarf up to create a skinny, long stretch of fabric.

Once you have done this you can wrap the fabric around your neck and tie in a simple knot and bow, you can then adjust the bow to create a fuller look by stretching out the fabric.

Hair Bow

Woman using scarf as a hair bowThis works best with smaller square scarves you can turn your silk scarf into a cute bow around your hair.

First, tie your hair up either as a ponytail or bun, wrap the scarf around your hair and tie the ends together to create a knot, using the remaining end pieces you can create the completed bow.