Mistakes we make when wearing ties

For years wearing a tie has given people an appearance of professionalism and has helped people gain respect in the workplace. Not only do ties allow us to have an appearance of higher authority, it is also a classic accessory in formal wear.

For most people wearing ties is a way to finish formal attire, and used for special events and the workplace. For others there has been little thought when choosing a tie meaning they are unaware of the mistakes they could be making.

Here are the four most common mistakes you could be making when wearing your tie:

Wrong Tie Width

When choosing your tie it is important you pick a tie that has a width that is proportionate with your suit, body type, dress shirt and tie knot. Although skinny ties may be in fashion they will look out of place if worn with boxy cut and wide lapelled suit.

Clashing Colours & Patterns

One of the most common mistakes we make when wearing ties is choosing the wrong tie pattern or colour for our outfits. In relation to choosing ties colour, pick a shade that compliments your suit and shirt. If you are unsure wear charcoal suit or dark navy suit and a white dress shirt as this makes deciding a tie colour easier.

Stained and/or Wrinkled Neckties

The necktie is usually the focus point of a suit meaning if you are seen wearing a tie that is either stained or wrinkled it is immediately noticed. Whilst washing or ironing a tie can damage the drape and inlay of the tie, by untying and then hanging the tie on a rack or hanger after each wearing the fabric of the tie will strengthen.

Wearing a Necktie with Short Sleeved Shirts

Short-Sleeved shirts are a casual style whilst ties are more formal attire, combining the two creates a conflicting look so should be completely avoided. If you have decided to wear a tie then wearing a dress shirts and suit will help to create the formal appearance.