Modern Bow Ties For Men

Modern Bow Ties

Bow ties are a highly effective way of applying the icing on the cake for your outfit. Whether you’re decked out in a three-piece suit or a pair of baggy jeans and a mod shirt, bow ties can really pull your look together. James Morton offer bow ties that are fit for every occasion.

Originally worn by Croatian mercenaries during the 17th century, the bow ties was initially a form of status and worn by the upper classes. However, now, bow ties are hugely popular with all class groups. They have enjoyed a huge surge among hipsters over the past couple of years.


You shouldn’t be afraid to try colours which don’t necessarily match the rest of your outfit. Your bow tie will probably serve as the focal point of your outfit and you should look to experiment with a range of colours. Another important factor that must be considered is the fabric of the tie. Cotton and linen bow ties will suit more casual dress senses, whilst silk and wool are better for more formal events.


Today, you’re no longer restricted to the simple bold single colours, or even traditional colours. There are a multitude of patterns and colours available, however wacky you wish for. Polka dots, plaid, stripy, geometrical and quirky prints are all printed onto ties deliciously. There are many trendy and quality choices available.

How, When To Wear Bow Ties

It’s important to consider the occasion and your overall attire. Yes, it’s cool to be experimental, but you don’t want to go overboard. Bow ties are trendy right now, so it’s a great opportunity if you select the right bow tie, for the right occasion.

When you’re attending a wedding or formal affair, don’t be afraid to try out colours and patterns. If the wedding or formal event is in the sunshine, a colourful, summery bow tie could be the perfect selection, for example.

If you’re going for a three piece suit, it’s important that your bow tie suits the rest of your attire, yet is still prominent. It’s crucial that you experiment with a range of colours, fabrics and patterns in order to find your perfect tie.

The workplace is a different matter. Wearing a bow tie can instil a sense of professionalism and approachability. However, in most workplaces, a colourful hipster bow tie could be considered unacceptable. Perhaps a prosaic, less experimental bow tie would be the right selection.

And what about date night? Date night is a great chance to impress the lady and a bow tie will paint a promising picture. A cool and casual look with a shirt and a vest capped with an adventurous bow tie will definitely make you look dapper.