How to design your tie

Tie Designer Tool

Designing your perfect tie couldn’t be easier with our range of tools and examples ready to help you with the process. Browse our examples of custom made ties for inspiration, and then view our tie design examples to see how your design could work. Then you can try out our tie designer tool or print out our tie template so that you can see exactly how your bespoke tie can look.

Consult our experts

At James Morton we have a team of in-house designers on hand to help you choose the right fabric, colours and patterns to match your exact specification. We offer free design consultations so that you can work with our expert team to decide on every last detail and get the bespoke tie design you want, even down to the linings and labels.

Choose from our range of materials

If you are ordering ties to be worn as a uniform or for daily wear then polyester ties are the best choice.  Cheaper than silk and more hardwearing, polyester is the perfect fabric for ties and accessories that will be regularly worn. Our team will be able to advise you on the best type of fabric depending on your design. For more detailed designs, we can provide dye printed polyester ties which offer brighter, more vivid colours. Alternatively if you want a more traditional look, we may recommend woven ties which are normally designed with logos and diagonal stripes woven throughout or individually placed for a smart effect.

For more formal ties, choose silk for a high quality appearance. Silk woven ties offer a luxurious finish thanks to the soft feel and fine detailing of your chosen motif which will be jacquard woven. If you prefer a tie with a lighter feel then you can opt for dye printed silk ties, which allows you to create smaller knots.

Finishing touches

Once you have chosen your fabric and finish, why not add your logo or motif to your ties for a personalised effect? We also have a range of different tie linings and labels available to help you create a tie that is truly unique to your organisation.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality ties, available at very competitive prices. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can work with you to create bespoke ties to your design.