The Secret to Achieving the Perfect Tie

Spotted Tie and Pocket Scarf

Getting your tie right makes all the difference to your look, so it is important to know how you can keep it looking its best. Check out our three tricks below to help you ensure your tie stays perfect at all times.

Choose the right knot
There are various different ways in which you can knot your tie, depending on the fabric of your tie and the finished effect that you want to achieve. Most people are familiar with the four-in-hand knot, the standard tie knot that many of us were taught at school, which suits most tie fabrics. For formal occasions, it has to be the Windsor knot- this wide symmetrical knot shows off your tie design and looks smart. Alternatively the Half-Windsor knot offers the same symmetrical finish but with a smaller knot, which is ideal for lighter fabric ties. Check out our guide on how to tie these knots.

Tie clips
If you struggle to keep your tie in place throughout the day, tie clips are the perfect solution. These are usually placed between the third and fourth button of your shirt, to help keep your tie in check. Tie clips also help to keep your tie from getting dirty, as they maintain your tie’s position. With so many different designs and styles available it is easy to find a smart tie clip that will match the design of your tie.

Clip on ties
If you want to be able to put your tie on in the morning and not worry about it again, then clip on ties are ideal. You can achieve a perfect look every time, without spending hours having to retie your tie because you can’t get the knot to sit correctly. Clip on ties are popular choices for uniform as they look smart, and they ensure that all of the ties look similar when worn by staff as the length and knot style are the same.