How to keep your ties looking their best


When you have invested in a high quality tie, the last thing you want is for it to get stained or start to look tired after just a few wears. Follow our advice for keeping your ties in tip top condition and you’ll be sure to get years of wear out of them.

Cleaning your ties

The best way to clean your ties depends on the material they have been made from. Polyester ties are more durable so can be washed if required, whereas it is best to avoid water when dealing with silk ties.  For grease-based stains a handy trick is to cover the stain with talcum powder or cornstarch and leave it overnight to absorb the grease. Silk ties can be hand-washed if required to remove stubborn stains, but never scrub the fabric as this can cause damage. Always follow the care instructions on your ties, and when you are hanging them out to dry it is best to lay them flat to avoid them becoming twisted or crumpled.

How to correctly store your ties

At the end of a long day at work it is easy to get into the habit of simply loosening your tie and slipping it over your head without taking the time to untie it properly. Ideally you should remove your ties in the same way that you have tied them, to avoid damaging the fabric by pulling too hard on any part of the tie. When you put your ties away, help them to keep their shape by hanging them up. Many people like to roll or fold up their ties and store them in your drawer, but this can create creases and over time even weaken the fabric. Hanging ties up not only helps to keep ties looking their best, it can also help when choosing your tie in the morning as they are easy to view in your wardrobe.

Maintaining your ties

One way to ensure that your ties stay looking their best is to make sure that you select the right tie for your outfit. Silk ties offer a luxury appearance and so make the perfect finishing touch to a smart outfit worn for a special occasion. However silk is more susceptible to wear over time compared to artificial fabrics such as polyester. For this reason polyester is a better choice for ties that will be worn on a daily basis, for example as part of a work uniform. If you frequently find that your ties are getting stained then it can be helpful to use an accessory such as a tie clip to keep them in place.

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