Call us biased but here at James Morton Ties we think that the right tie can transform your whole outfit. We’ve put together a guide to some common tie mistakes so that you can make  sure your ties look their best at all times.

Wrong tie length

Are you tying your ties too short?  Many tie wearers ignore the basic rule, that the end of your tie should reach your belt buckle- no higher and no lower. Getting it wrong can make your whole appearance look off-balance.  Likewise, make sure that you choose the right width of tie for your suit- skinny ties look best worn with suit jackets that have a slim lapel.

Badly tied tie

Choosing the right knot for your tie is a must if you want to wear your ties well. Thicker and heavier fabrics will suit a windsor knot, while a lighter polyester tie looks best with a half windsor or more simple knot. The knot of your tie should fit neatly into the collar, with no gaps visible.

Mismatched design

A well-selected tie should complement your outfit rather than standing out. Consider the texture and fabric of your suit as well as the colour- a wool suit needs a suitably heavy tie fabric whereas lightweight summer suits match better with ties that are lighter in both fabric and colour.

Your shirt and tie should also match each other, so if you are wearing a patterned shirt then opt for a plain tie to avoid print overload. Choosing a tie that is in the same colour family as your shirt, in a complementary tone is an easy way to look smart and polished.

The trick for achieving a perfect tie

Our secret for making sure that ties look great every time? Use a tie clip. This accessory is definitely underused in our eyes, as it offers a stylish way to keep your tie in place so that you look smart all day long. Choose your tie clip design and then simply clip it on about halfway down the tie.