The Ultimate Guide to Pocket Squares

Guide to Pocket Squares


Getting your pocket square right can make your outfit, but a lot of men struggle to follow the rules of wearing these smart accessories. Follow our guide to ensure your pocket squares always look the part.

When to wear pocket squares

Pocket squares don’t have to be limited to formal occasions- they can help make casual outfits pop too. You don’t need to wear a tie to match your pocket square, simply add it to your waistcoat or blazer in a contrasting colour for a more relaxed style. For more formal events, you need to consider how your pocket square will fit in the rest of your get-up. Match your pocket square and tie for a polished look, or if you want to add interest to your look you can opt for a different coloured pocket square in a luxury fabric.

Common pocket square mistakes

One of the errors we see people making with the pocket squares most often is tucking them too deep into the pocket, so that only a tiny bit of the fabric sticks out. Your pocket square should look deliberate. When choosing your pocket square make sure that it matches the other colours in your outfit. You don’t have to match your pocket square to your tie, but choose a complementary colour to avoid drawing attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons.

The best ways to fold pocket squares

Many people simply fold up their pocket square and leave it poking out of their top pocket with a straight edge, but we prefer a more advanced fold for a more stylish approach. Try the one point fold, by folding your pocket square up into an envelope shape and leaving only the top point showing. This triangular shape works for all occasions and all fabrics. Alternatively for a more casual look, opt for the puff fold. This involves pinching the middle of your pocket square and tucking it into your jacket, leaving it looking as though it is ‘puffing’ out of your pocket.