How Are James Morton Ties Manufactured?

Tie Weaving Loom

At James Morton Ties, we put our all into creating the perfect ties for your clubs, businesses, schools and more.

The art of tie-making is a refined one; it requires the processing of raw fibres and creating beautifully crafted ties from different materials and into different sizes to meet our clients’ specifications.


It all starts with creating an initial design, where you pick your patterns, colours and logo placements. We work with you to develop the idea for your tie, either gaining the design from you or working with our in-house designers to create your ideal design. We also have an online Tie Designer Tool to help you visualise your ideas.

Traditionally a tie design is hand drawn, but now we create digital designs to make it easier for the weavers. Our weavers then use computerised silk screen for silk ties in contrast to the manual silk screens that were used in the past. Once your design is completed and has been confirmed, we send it off to the mill for it to be imprinted onto bolts of silk.


Our quality silk ties are manufactured on a jacquard loom, woven ties on a loom and printed ties are mostly screen printed or digitally printed.

The fabric we use will depend on your specific designs and requirements for the tie. The method we follow will also depend on your needs for costs, purpose, quality and design.

For information on the different types of ties available and to help find the right one for you, read this detailed page which explains the different fabrics and weaves we have available – James Morton Ties – Tie Fabrics & Weaves.

James Morton is the UK’s leading tie manufacturer and our mill in Lancashire is now in its fourth generation of weavers and has been providing quality custom made ties for over 40 years.

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