What makes James Morton an expert tie manufacturer?

Expert tie manufacturer

With a few tie manufacturers serving the British market, it can be hard to work out which supplier is best for your business. At James Morton we pride ourselves in being a British tie manufacturer producing high-quality ties and accessories every time. We are expert tie manufacturers offering a full production solution, from initial designs and samples to bulk production.

Expert tie design from start to finish

At James Morton, we understand that the design of your tie is one of the most important stages of the manufacturing process.

As a high-quality British tie manufacturer, shipping both in the UK and overseas, we keep our customers heavily involved in the design process. Our free tie design tool is one way we achieve this, giving you the freedom to create the perfect tie for your needs. If you are having trouble creating your tie, our team of knowledgeable designers will be happy to assist and return high quality artwork in a PDF file.

We pair modern production techniques with traditional weaving methods, allowing us to produce ties that are as unique as the clients who are purchasing them. Our ties are produced at mills where quality always comes first, and each tie is checked to ensure the weaving, stitching, and design are just as they should be.

Regardless of order quantity and design we are committed to providing products of the highest quality, so we pride ourselves in having a tie production process which allows for some of the quickest turn arounds in the business and a quality British product which can be shipped to clients in the USA and across the World.

We offer one of the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry, from just 50 units per design which allows us to cater for a range of business sizes.

Get expertly manufactured ties and accessories from James Morton

James Morton offers a variety of tie products from custom bow ties to cummerbunds and tie clips. This diversity is a trait often associated with high quality British tie manufacturers.  Click here to tell us more about what you’re looking for and receive a quick quote.