The types of traditional neckwear offered by James Morton

Whilst standard neckties are the most popular form of neckwear, there are a variety of traditional neckwear options that can be more suited to different occasions.

James Morton is proud to stock a comprehensive range of traditional neckwear options, made from quality materials and produced in an expert manner. Here are some of the traditional neckwear options offered by James Morton and when to wear them.

Custom neckties

As the premier supplier of custom ties in the UK, we can create neckties for a range of occasions from school uniform ties to promotional or club ties. Each tie can be designed with specific logos, designs and colours for a fully bespoke tie service.

We pride ourselves in being able to create high-quality, traditional neckties to suit both business needs and leisure needs alike.

Custom design cravats

Cravats are a form of traditional neckwear that became a fashion craze around Europe after their invention in the 1660s. Cravats are characterised by their wider design due to their original use as bibs. The widespread popularity of this traditional neckwear is also thought to have served as a psychological benefit during battle!

Despite the traditional appearance, the tie has made a resurgence in recent years with many using it as a unique fashion item. Modern use of the cravat usually places the neckwear inside the shirt, which is kept fairly open. This is good if you are going for a casual look that still helps you stand out from the crowd.

Custom scarves

Scarves are another type of traditional neckwear that originated in ancient times. Whilst originally used as decorative items, scarves have been used as more functional pieces to help protect the wearer from the cold.

Scarves are a versatile piece of neckwear that work well in different situations. They can be incorporated into school uniforms and make good sports promotional items. Beyond this, scarves can add an interesting new dimension to an outfit.

Custom bow ties

Bow ties are seeing a resurgence in popularity, both as a fashion statement and as a symbol of class. Here at James Morton, we supply a range of bow ties both ready-tied or self-tied.

As well as supplying custom bow ties with both printed and woven designs, we are also suppliers of ladies bow ties and masonic bow ties. The bow ties can be custom made in any style, pattern or colour or you would like and also incorporating your club organisation’s motif. It’s as simple as sending us a design of your own, or we can work with you to come up with the right design.

Traditional neckwear from the UKs leading tie manufacturer

Neckties are not the only kind of neckwear available and James Morton stock some of the best traditional neckwear in the industry. We can produce scarves which are dye printed on both polyester and silk, offering you high levels of customization and helping you create the right custom scarf for your needs and budget.

To place your order for your neckwear, please get in touch with us via our contact form and we can arrange a quote to deliver the products your business needs.