Here at James Morton we are proud to have a long history supplying bespoke regimental ties, cummerbunds, cufflinks and other accessories to armed services across the world.

Regimental ties originated in Great Britain. British soldiers used their regiments’ colours on flags and pieces of silk to help identify themselves in battle, as well as to establish rank and classification within their regiment. When these soldiers were not in service they continued to wear their regimental colours on their neckties; wearing such ties brought men status and identity.

In recent times, regimental ties are best used for more formal occasions; we are especially proud on Armistice Day when each year we see so many of our military ties worn by proud servicemen and women. Similarly to regimental ties, cummerbunds are an item closely linked to the British military. These were adopted as an alternative to a waistcoat by British men stationed in India in the 1850s, when they saw them being worn by Indian men. In modern times, the cummerbund is used for traditional black-tie events.

Our regimental and military ties are available either for regular wear in woven polyester or for dress wear in woven silk. We also offer matching bow ties, cummerbunds and waistcoats, custom made to your specification.

Manufacturing regimental and military ties for over 80 years

We have been manufacturing military ties in the UK for over 80 years and our in-house team offer a free of charge, no obligation design service producing PDF artwork for your approval. We can advise you on your choice of tie fabric, as well as a wide variety of weaves and textures which meet with the traditions of your regiment. We also offer other finishing touches such as linings, personalised labels and presentation boxes.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your bespoke regimental and military ties and accessories.