Find out more about military ties from James Morton

Here at James Morton we have a long history supplying bespoke military ties, as well as regimental cummerbunds, cufflinks and a range of other accessories to armed services across the world! Items associated with the military tend to be more than just a physical accessory; they carry history, memories and respect.

So, a little more about military ties…

Military ties were born within the military environment; they hold strong historical significance. The regimental tie is the most well known traditional tie in Britain and was originally worn by soldiers as an identifier during battle.

Military ties are respected

Both current members of the armed forces, and those that served as members in the past are often greatly respected because of the sacrifices they make and their dedication to protecting their country. Military ties are worn as a way of showing respect and appreciation.

Military ties are worn with pride

Wearing a tie is an effective way to show that you take pride in what you do; in fact, neckties have always been seen to represent nobility, order and honour. There is something extremely gratifying about seeing military veterans proudly wearing their military ties. Our military ties are available in woven polyester or silk. Our high quality polyester is hardwearing – we would recommend it for regular wear, whilst silk is an ideal option for dress wear and tends to have more of a luxurious feel.

Military ties uphold tradition 

As a matter of fact, military ties are one of the most well known traditional ties. Traditions are an important piece of our culture and history; they provide a sense of belonging and comfort. In the case of military or regimental ties, they were traditionally worn to represent belonging to a particular regiment at a crucial period in time, it is important for us to remember and appreciate the origin of these unique items.

Military ties are much more than a fashion accessory, they hold traditional importance and represent servicemen and women serving now and those that served in the past. We are proud to have been manufacturing military ties in the UK for more than 80 years and our team of in-house designers offer a free of charge, no obligation design service – they are able to produce PDF artwork for your approval. We are also able to offer advice on the best choice of fabric to suit your requirements and we offer a variety of weaves and textures as well as other finishing touches such as linings, presentation boxes and personalised labels.

Get in touch today to find out more about out military ties or to start designing your own bespoke military ties!