What can I customise on a club tie?

James Morton Club Ties.

There are many benefits when to comes to buying bespoke accessories, such as custom ties. Wearing a special outfit that has been carefully tailored to your company, club or organisation will certainly make your meetings and get-togethers more memorable. We’ve helped many groups create a smart finish to all kinds of outfits with a customised club tie to celebrate a special occasion. So what kind of customisation can you expect James Morton to offer you when it comes to creating your own club tie? 

Customising your own club tie

Here at James Morton, we pride ourselves on being able to walk you through the design process to find the best fit for your club’s style and identity. Whether you have an idea in mind or need specific guidance to find something particular, our dedicated Sales Team are on hand to provide you with assistance. Designing your own tie is very simple. We offer a tie designer tool, as well as a downloadable tie template onto which you can sketch your ideas. We also have a wealth of example tie designs and common design layouts if you need any extra inspiration. Once you have an idea of the design, you will then be able to customise it in a number of different ways…   

Tie Colour. James Morton are able to match most colours as we use Pantone colour charts to help you pick your perfect shade. Whether you are matching to your brand image, or wanting to create something new, we can supply Pantone colour charts for you to choose the best colour palette for your product. Simply provide us with the colour’s Pantone reference number when you contact us once you have designed your custom tie.     

Tie Size. Neck ties can vary in both width and length. Usually they’re made at around 3 inches in width, but you can choose skinny ties or even kipper ties, which were made popular in the 1940s for their wide style. Ties can vary in length from anywhere between 52 to 58 inches. Ideally the end of the tie should rest at the waist of your trousers. Our most popular length for custom ties is 57 inches.    

Tie Fabric. Traditionally, ties have been woven, but technologies have evolved to enable us to now print designs directly onto a tie. We can offer a whole range of fabrics including:

  • Silk
  • Woven silk
  • Custom-printed silk
  • Polyester
  • Woven polyester
  • Printed polyester

Silk is a classic fabric of choice for those looking for something sleek and sophisticated, perhaps for a special occasion. Polyester ties are generally a cheaper option, but they are longer lasting when worn regularly. We can also offer an eco-friendly option, that cleverly uses recycled plastic bottles to create a unique polyester yarn. Depending on your tie design, colour and use of motifs or logos, we can advise which fabric will be best. 

Tie Weaves. The ‘weft’ and the ‘warp’ in a tie fabric can be woven in lots of different combination and these are called ‘weaves’. Bringing more ‘warp’ to the surface can change the feel and appearance of the fabric. Club and regimental ties have traditionally been woven in a ‘repp’ weave which gives a classic look. We offer a choice of 12 different weaves and can help you choose the most appropriate for your tie.

Tie Lining. We generally use a plain lining in a colour that complements the tie fabric to finish our custom ties and this comes as standard. We can also offer the possibility to further customise your tie design by selecting the specific lining colour, or even weaving your organisation’s name or logo into the lining fabric.   

Tie Labels. Our custom ties are all supplied with a label into which you can put the tail of the tie for a neat finish. We can personalise this label by weaving in the name of your organisation, company or group. We have found that this is a popular option for customers who are creating ties to use them as corporate gifts, as it provides a discreet reminder about where the gift originated from.      

Tie Boxes. Each of our custom-made ties comes individually wrapped in a cellophane sleeve as standard. You may, however, wish to present your ties in something special. We can supply branded presentation wallets and boxes for a more personalised finish.  

As you can see there are many ways in which you can customise your club ties, from simple colour and design features, to elegantly personalised presentation boxes. As we manufacture your ties ourselves, we can ensure that whatever you choose, your ties will be made completely bespoke to your specifications. Our British manufacturing heritage also ensures that we can provide minimum order quantities, short lead times and premium quality. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and we will be delighted to help you create the perfect custom tie.