Best club ties

What the best club ties have in common

James Morton has had many years of experience in creating tie designs for a whole range of clubs and organisations, from football teams to church choirs. Because each tie is created with a unique design, a club tie is perfect for any club or organisation looking to reflect their heritage, traditions and values. We are trusted by our customers to deliver club ties that both look great and feel the part – to give an instant sophisticated touch to an outfit. We know a thing or two about creating bespoke ties so here are five things that we believe the best club ties have in common.

1. A distinguished design

We can manufacture your custom-made ties to whichever design you’d like, whether this is incorporating crests, shields, specific wording, a special pattern or a particular colour scheme. Some of our most popular designs feature logos, either as an all-over club logo pattern, or a mixture of stripes with a logo worked into the design. Our tie experts know how to incorporate crests and club colours in a tasteful manner so why not take a look through our tie gallery for some inspiration.

2. A fashionable finish

The best club ties all give a fashionable and sophisticated finish to an outfit. This is both due to the design reflecting the club’s particular look, as well as the tie being created in the best specification when it comes to size and fit. Neck ties can vary, but for a smart finish, you should be looking at your ties being around 3 inches in width. Ideally the end of the tie should rest at the waist of your trousers or skirt. The most popular length for our custom ties is 57 inches.

3. Instantly recognisable

Many of our club ties incorporate a recognisable crest or logo, which matches other garments in a club’s team kit, formal wear or uniform. This is particularly important when it comes to clubs that rely on specific crests or colours to show an allegiance to a team or organisation. If your tie is instantly recognisable, this is also a way of subtly showing your solidarity with, or even your role or ranking in an organisation.

4. Value for money

All our club ties are created in the most cost-effective way, to deliver your club, team or organisation the best quality at a highly competitive price. Part of our commitment to our customers is to outline the most affordable options available to you in terms of getting you the right deal. This might be guiding you through the most suitable material to use, where to get the ties manufactured and how to deliver them to you. We pride ourselves on offering some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

5. Long-last quality

Whether you go for polyester or silk ties, our high-quality materials are guaranteed to last so you can wear them, with pride, for many years to come. We send out proof samples so that you can check and see this for yourself before you place your order. Our British manufacturing heritage – with our mill in Lancashire now in its fourth generation of weavers – ensures that we can provide premium quality craftsmanship for each and every piece we create.

We’re very proud of all the designs we have worked on over the years – why not take a look at some of the most popular our product gallery – and if this has helped you to feel inspired to make your own club tie, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today