Eco ties – helping our customers in their quest to save the planet

Eco friendly ties

When it comes to helping to do our bit to save the planet, we all wish to try and make eco-friendly choices to leave the world a better place. But what about when it comes to our clothing and accessories?

Here at James Morton, we’re very keen to reduce our carbon footprint. Our challenge is to produce sustainable products at the same time as making sure that the quality and durability our customers have come to expect isn’t compromised. Our recycled polyester offers the same strength, range of colours and luxurious feel as our standard polyester ties. We’re delighted to have created something that ticks all of these boxes in an eco-friendly version of our regular ties.

From plastic bottles to bespoke ties

Plastic waste has become a global problem. Plastic bottles take around 450 years to decompose in landfill and there are growing concerns with regards to the pollution they cause to our planet and food chain. The average person in the UK uses around 150 plastic bottles every year, with many being discarded rather than recycled. By creating recycled ties, we are putting this waste plastic to good use, at the same time as reducing the amount of plastic destined for landfill, or that end up polluting our rivers and oceans.

Our eco-friendly ties are made using waste plastic that is created through a clever recycling process. First, the bottles are ground down into flakes. Next, they are spun into high-performance recycled polyester yarn. This yarn is excellent quality, offering the same characteristics as traditional polyester – it’s durable, strong and wears well. Best of all each tie made with this polyester yarn saves two plastic bottles from landfill. To put this into context, if a school, company, or organisation were to purchase 500 ties for their staff or pupils, this would save 1000 bottles from landfill.

Helping our customers to become sustainable

We’re delighted to be able to do our bit to encouraging sustainability within schools, companies and other organisations. We think it’s a great idea, for example, that schoolchildren can wear ties made out of recycled polyester – and experience first hand what can be made from plastic bottles! Many companies are also now keen to support corporate socially responsible (CSR) work policies. Whether it’s creating a tie to wear as part of a uniform, or it’s a tie for a special occasion or conference, eco ties are a great way of promoting environmental responsibility within your company, whilst also keeping your staff looking the part.

And it’s not just schools and companies who care about protecting the environment – smaller organisations and individuals are also looking to play their part too in sustainable living. If regular ties are made overseas, they may need to be shipped thousands of miles – this isn’t great for the carbon footprint. When it comes to our eco-friendly ties, the good news is that they are manufactured here in the UK in solar-powered mills.

You may think that eco-friendly ties will be a more expensive option, but we’re actually able to offer these ties for just a few pence more than our standard polyester ties.

eco tie water bottle

We think it’s money well spent – what better way to support sustainability than wearing an item made from landfill waste!