Three key things to consider when designing custom ties

Custom Tie

If you’re looking to design your own custom tie, there are a few things that you should consider to ensure that you are creating the perfect piece of neckwear. Whether you’re creating custom ties for a school, a corporate event, a society or a club, here are three key ideas to keep in mind to get the design right first time.     

1. Look at tie galleries online for inspiration

If you’re completely new to tie design, it’s a great idea to check out some of the tie galleries available online. We have our James Morton Tie Gallery which gives you a full range of products. This will help you to get an idea of the sorts of ties available and which designs you like best. When looking through the different custom tie designs, it’s definitely worth keeping in mind any branding you might wish to include on your own design. It’s also worth considering any logos, crests or club badges you would want to use. You may see something you’d like to copy or use for inspiration for your own design.  

Will your tie need to be in a specific colour to match an existing uniform or sports kit? Should it be created in a classic and traditional style? Or would you prefer something a bit different for a special event or occasion? Ask yourself these questions as you consider the different designs and options. The great thing about creating a customised design is you can have exactly what you want on your tie. This way you will create a unique piece that perfectly reflects your team or organisation.  

2. Use any tie-design tools on offer  

You may already have an idea for the design of your custom tie. If not, there are a number of ways to get started on creating one. Why not design it yourself? Many companies offer handy online tie-designer tools, like our James Morton tie designer. It allows you to create your unique design by choosing from various tie style and colour options. You may also be able to upload your own logo or crest to the design, to see how it looks. Once this is finished, you can often then email your design to your team-mates or colleagues to get their feedback.

Alternatively, you may prefer to use a tie template. These are often available as downloadable pdfs that you can print out and then sketch on your ideas. You can then either email it or post it to us to get feedback on the design and take it from there.   

3. Seek expert advice should you need it

If you’re unsure about your tie design or want to talk it through with someone, it’s a good idea to choose a tie manufacturer that has an experienced and reputable team of in-house designers. Here at James Morton we have a team of designers as well as a dedicated Sales Advisor who has the expertise to give you some extra creative input should you need it. They are all on hand to give you specific advice on how to achieve the bespoke look you want for your tie.

Some companies like ours may even offer to create designs for you free of charge. This is a great way to get you started off on a design, plus easy on the pocket too. We can offer you advice on the various fabrics, finishes and weave options available to you, at the most cost-effective prices. You might also wish to add other finishing touches to your ties, such as personalised labels, bespoke linings and presentation boxes.  

So now you have three great tips to consider when design in a custom tie. We hope you feel confident enough to go on to create your own. It’s great to be able to make bespoke custom-made ties to your exact specifications and here at James Morton we’re here to help you do just that. And by following our steps above, you can rest assured that you will design the perfect piece for your school, club, or organisation.