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Masonic Ties

For many years, the tie has been used by many people as a way in which they can show an allegiance to a team, club or organisation. Masonic ties are perhaps some of the best examples when it comes to creating a tie, used by an organisation to show an affiliation to a particular group, as well as the specific part of that organisation to which they belong.

Why are Masonic ties important?

Ties have been worn by Masonic societies for many years to show that they belong to a regional or local Masonic lodge, as well as by individual Freemasons wishing to to reflect their ranking in the organisation as they progress through the ceremonies. Each Masonic lodge has its own style of regalia, which may include a tie with either an emblem or multiple icons to unite all members together. Masonic ties form an important part of Masonic regalia. They’re not just worn as an accessory to enhance an outfit, but also to symbolise history, tradition, fellowship and respect.

A variety of bespoke designs and styles

Masonic ties can be created in a range of silk and polyester styles. Each piece can be fully customised to reflect your Lodge’s ethos and identity, in a unique and eye-catching design. We are proud to have manufactured high-quality and bespoke ties for a range of Crafts, Chapters and Lodges. Some of our current customers include:

  • The Metropolitan Grand Lodge
  • The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire
  • The Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire
  • The Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey
  • The United Masons   

Whether you already have an existing tie to replicate or wish to use an existing logo or emblem and want to create something new, we can help. Our in-house design team can either produce exact copies of your existing Masonic tie designs or help you to work on new ones. You can also use our Design Your Tie Tool to create an instant representation of the sort of tie you would like to create. Alternatively, you might wish to create something a little bit more special – such as a bespoke tie created specifically with an important festival or occasion in mind.

All your Masonic accessories

The Masonic dress code can vary depending on your particular group, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on your Masonic attire. James Morton can offer some of the most competitively priced ties on the market. As well as fabrics, we can advise on weaves and finishes, as well as other personalised touches such as bespoke labelling and smart presentation boxes

As well as manufacturing Masonic ties we also offer Masonic bow ties, handkerchiefs, custom-made cummerbunds and waistcoats.

To discuss your needs further, please contact our team on 0845 519 6748 to see how we can help you find the perfect tie. Alternatively, take a look at our online tie design tool.