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Unite your club, stand out and look the part with club ties from James Morton

James Morton has been supplying unique ties to clubs for over 40 years. We are experts at creating tie designs based on specific club colours and crests. Our club ties are ideal for those looking to reflect their ambition and heritage and tend to be particularly popular among a range of sports clubs including football clubs, golf clubs, rugby clubs and many more. Our club ties are available in high quality silk or polyester and we take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction by offering a free, no obligation, design service as well as sending customers proof samples. 

Unite your club

Club ties are a great way for club members to show support and also show that they take pride in their club. They add to the sense of unity and inclusion in the club by making everyone feel part of a team. Often times, clubs will give items to new members as part of the joining experience; having a custom club tie shows new members that you’re serious about what you’re doing and that you value togetherness and adds a little something extra to the experience of joining and being a part of your club. 

Stand out with custom club ties

Club ties are a great way to promote your club – no one else will have the same custom-made tie as you! By wearing unique club ties to functions and events you are able to advertise to potential members and stand out in peoples minds. Receiving attention and interest in your club is a great motivation; it promotes community spirit and gives people a sense of pride. 

Look the part in your club ties

Here at James Morton we are proud to make high quality club ties that can stand the test of time and look the part! Our team of in-house designers are here to offer advice on the best fabric, weave, colour and pattern for your tie to ensure you create something that you are proud to wear.  We also offer a range of finishing touches including bespoke labels and tie lining to make your club ties truly unique. 

Contact us today to find out more about how we can create custom club ties for your team.

5 reasons why you should consider custom ties from James Morton

At James Morton our custom ties are available in a variety of styles and we encourage our customers to collaborate with us as much as possible to ensure the final product exceeds their expectations and looks exactly as they want it to. Read on to find out why you should consider our custom ties!

Custom ties make it easier for people to identify you

Custom ties can be made for anyone and any occasion, however they are particularly popular with clubs and businesses.  Custom-made items allow you to bring out more individuality – create something that is ‘you’ and bring out your personal style. 

Quality materials are used to create your custom ties

Another reason to consider custom made ties from James Morton is that quality is our priority.  Only the highest quality materials are used to create your unique pieces and we send out proof samples so our customers can see this for themselves. 

Spend less time searching for exactly what you want

Create the exact ties you have in mind rather than spending time browsing shop after shop for something that matches what you’re looking for. With custom ties you can bring your creative ideas to life and create something that is different and personal. 

Custom made products can stand the test of time

At James Morton we leave no detail to chance, and by investing in products that are made with quality materials your ties are more likely to last years to come. Check out our free online tie designer tool to get started designing your ideal ties!

Take advantage of extra features

As well as customising your ties in terms of colour, design and fabric, at James Morton we offer a range of finishing touches including bespoke lining, labels and presentation boxes. Why not further customise your tie by selecting the colour of your lining or weaving your name or logo into the lining fabric? 

If you are interested in creating your own bespoke ties or would like more information get in touch with our team on 0845 519 6748.

Get ready for the new school year with custom ties from James Morton

Now is the time to ensure your school has everything in place for the return of students. You may have encountered difficulties in getting school ties sourced due to the current circumstances and we are here to help. Here at James Morton we have over 40 years’ experience in supplying custom school ties and we’ve been working hard to keep our weaving mills and production going within the government guidelines.  

We are also excited to offer a new range of school ties – eco-friendly ties. They are made using plastic bottles that are put through a recycling process and then spun into recycled polyester yarn. Each eco-friendly tie saves two plastic bottles from landfill. Several schools are transitioning from standard polyester ties to eco-friendly ties to play their part in taking care of the environment; eco-friendly ties are a great way to encourage sustainability within your school!

If you need to order ties for your school, we can help

We can help with that! Our ties are made according to each school’s specific design requirements, including colour choice, size, pattern and emblem. We are able to precisely match existing designs or aid you in creating a new design – school logo ties are a great way to create something unique! What’s more, we offer a free no obligation design service meaning you are able to see what the design of your school tie will look like, before committing to an order.

Can’t get hold of your normal school tie manufacturer? We can match your existing artwork

As mentioned, our expert designers are able to match any existing artwork and we have a range of manufacturing facilities. Our school uniform ties are made to last using hardwearing fabrics and extra stitching for long durability. We also offer clip on ties and velcro ties to create a more consistent uniform look. We make our ties to fit different age ranges and stitch in labels for pupils to write their names.

Why not try out our free online tie designer tool or contact us to get your free no obligation school tie design, ready for the new school year.

Find the perfect regimental ties at James Morton

Here at James Morton we are proud to have a long history supplying bespoke regimental ties, cummerbunds, cufflinks and other accessories to armed services across the world.

Regimental ties originated in Great Britain. British soldiers used their regiments’ colours on flags and pieces of silk to help identify themselves in battle, as well as to establish rank and classification within their regiment. When these soldiers were not in service they continued to wear their regimental colours on their neckties; wearing such ties brought men status and identity.

In recent times, regimental ties are best used for more formal occasions; we are especially proud on Armistice Day when each year we see so many of our military ties worn by proud servicemen and women. Similarly to regimental ties, cummerbunds are an item closely linked to the British military. These were adopted as an alternative to a waistcoat by British men stationed in India in the 1850s, when they saw them being worn by Indian men. In modern times, the cummerbund is used for traditional black-tie events.

Our regimental and military ties are available either for regular wear in woven polyester or for dress wear in woven silk. We also offer matching bow ties, cummerbunds and waistcoats, custom made to your specification.

Manufacturing regimental and military ties for over 80 years

We have been manufacturing military ties in the UK for over 80 years and our in-house team offer a free of charge, no obligation design service producing PDF artwork for your approval. We can advise you on your choice of tie fabric, as well as a wide variety of weaves and textures which meet with the traditions of your regiment. We also offer other finishing touches such as linings, personalised labels and presentation boxes.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your bespoke regimental and military ties and accessories.

Make your employees stand out with custom ties from James Morton

It’s really important, now more than ever, to do all that you can to enhance your business reputation. With over 40 years’ experience in supplying custom made ties to a range of industries, at James Morton we believe high-quality ties can have a positive impact on your organisation in many ways. So why should you invest in custom ties for your employees?

It is important to look presentable when conveying a credible image; With all of your employees in matching custom made ties, not only does it show people that you take pride in what you do but it also lets them know that you believe in your business.  When people can see how personally you take your business, they are more likely to feel confident putting trust in you.

Custom Tie Design

Another benefit of adopting custom ties is that, when designed well, they are an effective form of advertising and increasing brand awareness. There is a lot to consider when choosing a design for your ties; Deciding what pattern you should opt for, how to incorporate your brand’s colours, where to include your logo and at what size. Here at James Morton, however, we offer a free design service and our expert designer team are here to offer advise on how to best create a tie that suits your requirements.

With James Morton you are able to choose between hard-wearing polyester or a more luxurious silk for your made to order ties. We are able to customise your ties to ensure they perfectly represent your company and are worn with pride!

If custom made ties are something you would be interested in for your employees or if you would like to find out more about how we can help you create the perfect custom ties, get in touch today.

Invest in professional corporate ties from James Morton

Here at James Morton we have over 40 years of experience in supplying bespoke corporate ties to companies in a range of industries. We believe that corporate ties are an important accessory in promoting your company’s brand or enhancing a professional uniform. Many businesses and organisations enforce workwear policies to ensure their staff feel and look part of a team. In fact, there are many benefits of adopting ties for your business – read on to find out more.

Look smart

Corporate ties are a great way to maintain an appropriate ‘professional’ appearance throughout an organisation and avoid the risk of unsuitable workwear choices. With James Morton you are able to choose between hard-wearing polyester or a more luxurious silk for your business ties. We are able to customise your ties to ensure they perfectly represent your organisation and are worn with pride!

Increase awareness

Corporate ties offer a fantastic opportunity to promote your organisation – adding your name and logo to uniform items is a great way to make customers familiar with your brand and make your organisation more memorable.

A sense of unity

Providing staff with a uniform is an effective way to display a smart appearance, but more importantly it acts as a leveler to bring colleagues together and represent equality and unity within an organisation.

Our team are here to help you design the perfect tie that everyone in your organisation can be proud to wear. At James Morton we offer a free design service and can help you design your ideal tie in several ways, our designers are happy to do it for you or you could give our online tie designer a go!  To find out more about how we can help you create the perfect corporate ties for your business get in touch today!



Go green with recycled ties from James Morton

Do you like the sound of ties made from recycled plastic bottles?

Here at James Morton, we want to reduce our carbon footprint and produce sustainable products whilst making sure the quality and durability of our bespoke products is not compromised, that’s why we have recently developed recycled ties – Eco-friendly Ties.

Eco-friendly ties are made using waste plastic; although a product that is indispensable in many everyday uses plastic is a scourge on our environment. Plastic takes over 1,000 years to degrade – causing growing concerns regarding landfill and food chain pollution.

Did you know?

  • In the UK alone, approximately 450 plastic bottles are used each year per household and only 50% of those bottles used are ever recycled.
  • Approximately 13 billion plastic bottles are used in the UK each year, this consumes 912 million gallons of oil

By creating recycled ties we are putting waste plastic to good use, whilst reducing degrading plastics on our land and in our oceans. The plastic bottles used to create the ties are put through a recycling process. The bottles are ground down into flakes that are then spun into excellent quality, high performance recycled polyester yarn. Each tie saves 2 plastic bottles from landfill.

Many regular ties are third party manufactured overseas and shipped thousands of miles impacting the carbon footprint however our Eco-friendly Ties are manufactured right here in the UK!

The quality of our recycled ties is second to none; we use extra stitching for long durability and make our ties to fit different age ranges. Our design team are here to work with you, free of charge, in creating a new tie or replicating a current one in an environmentally friendly way. Alternatively, you can use our online design tool. To find out more about our Eco-friendly ties get in touch today.

Why you should invest in club ties from James Morton

Here at James Morton, we believe high-quality custom made ties can have a positive impact on your sports club in many ways. Our in-house team of designers can create the perfect tie for your sports club.

We have over 40 years of experience in supplying unique quality ties to sports clubs, including several football clubs such as Burnley, Norwich City and hundreds of local sides across the UK. We have also supplied ties to rugby clubs and many other sports clubs in the past, read on to find out why!

Stand out with our custom club ties

Sports teams often wear a kit or uniform that makes members look unified and allows them to be easily distinguished from competitors. Having a unique identity is important for sports clubs – custom club ties allow just that!

Show your pride

Pride and passion are extremely important when it comes to sports. A club tie is a great way for supporters and members alike to show support and how proud they are to be part of a particular sports club.

Look professional

Ties have traditionally been known to mark professionalism. At James Morton, you can choose from hard-wearing high-quality polyester or more luxurious silk for your sports club ties. We are able to match team colours and provide logos or stripes as required to ensure your tie shows off your clubs branding.

We are here to help you design the perfect tie that every member and supporter of your sports club can be proud to wear. At James Morton we offer a free design service and can help you design your ideal tie in several ways, our designers are happy to do it for you or you could give our online tie designer a go! To find out more about how we can help you create the perfect custom ties for your sports club get in touch today!

How to design your custom school tie from James Morton

Having a school tie as part of a school uniform can help to give students a sense of unity, whilst also helping them to develop the skill of tying a tie. Ties are also useful for schools that have different houses, or those who wish to be able to identify different year groups more easily.

James Morton offers a range of custom school ties with various design options available, allowing you to create a bespoke tie that fulfills the needs of your school.

Expertly crafted school ties from James Morton

When creating your custom school tie, preparation is key to ensuring you get a tie which both staff and pupils are happy with. We recommend creating some mock-up designs and going through them with focus groups throughout the school.

This will allow you to gain opinions from students, teachers, and other faculty members, and to create a tie that is a good match for the schools image but will also be worn by pupils.

When choosing the material and pattern of the tie, make sure you take in to account the fabrics and patterns you already use within other parts of the school uniform. You want a tie that brings the uniform together, rather than clashing with it or getting lost in it.

For example, if you wear woolen jumpers in the winter, it is unlikely that you would want a woolen tie to be worn under this. Also, if students wear blazers, you must consider the width and the aesthetics of the tie when worn with said blazer.

Colour is a good way of expressing the feelings of the school you are designing for, we recommend using it on your tie in a creative way. Offering different patterned ties to your students could also be a way to create more variety in their choice whilst keeping them uniform in their clothes.

Arrange your quote and order bespoke school ties from James Morton

Getting the design right can be challenging if you don’t have a fixed idea of what your ties should look like. If you are unsure on what material or pattern would be best, having a chat with our expert design team will guide you on the finer points of your school tie design.

Alternatively, if you have a design in mind, you can use our online design tool to get you started. After the creative process is complete, you will have a set of final designs that are ready to be turned into quality custom school ties by the experts at James Morton.

The types of traditional neckwear offered by James Morton

Whilst standard neckties are the most popular form of neckwear, there are a variety of traditional neckwear options that can be more suited to different occasions.

James Morton is proud to stock a comprehensive range of traditional neckwear options, made from quality materials and produced in an expert manner. Here are some of the traditional neckwear options offered by James Morton and when to wear them.

Custom neckties

As the premier supplier of custom ties in the UK, we can create neckties for a range of occasions from school uniform ties to promotional or club ties. Each tie can be designed with specific logos, designs and colours for a fully bespoke tie service.

We pride ourselves in being able to create high-quality, traditional neckties to suit both business needs and leisure needs alike.

Custom cravats

Cravats are a form of traditional neckwear that became a fashion craze around Europe after their invention in the 1660s. Cravats are characterised by their wider design due to their original use as bibs. The widespread popularity of this traditional neckwear is also thought to have served as a psychological benefit during battle!

Despite the traditional appearance, the tie has made a resurgence in recent years with many using it as a unique fashion item. Modern use of the cravat usually places the neckwear inside the shirt, which is kept fairly open. This is good if you are going for a casual look that still helps you stand out from the crowd.

Custom scarves

Scarves are another type of traditional neckwear that originated in ancient times. Whilst originally used as decorative items, scarves have been used as more functional pieces to help protect the wearer from the cold.

Scarves are a versatile piece of neckwear that work well in different situations. They can be incorporated into school uniforms and make good sports promotional items. Beyond this, scarves can add an interesting new dimension to an outfit.

Custom bow ties

Bow ties are seeing a resurgence in popularity, both as a fashion statement and as a symbol of class. Here at James Morton, we supply a range of bow ties both ready-tied or self-tied.

As well as supplying custom bow ties with both printed and woven designs, we are also suppliers of ladies bow ties and masonic bow ties. The bow ties can be custom made in any style, pattern or colour or you would like and also incorporating your club organisation’s motif. It’s as simple as sending us a design of your own, or we can work with you to come up with the right design.

Traditional neckwear from the UKs leading tie manufacturer

Neckties are not the only kind of neckwear available and James Morton stock some of the best traditional neckwear in the industry. We can produce scarves which are dye printed on both polyester and silk, offering you high levels of customization and helping you create the right custom scarf for your needs and budget.

To place your order for your neckwear, please get in touch with us via our contact form and we can arrange a quote to deliver the products your business needs.