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Ordering Custom Ties at James Morton

Custom Ties and Scarves

At James Morton, we bring your designs to life.  We specialise in manufacturing custom printed Ties for your business, sports club, school and more. Using our no obligation design service we can help you create the best tie possible for your organisation.


Accessories and Extras

As well as helping you to design the ideal tie we also offer customisable extras to make your ties and scarves that extra bit special. These services include customised labels, presentation boxes, tie clips and pocket squares.


Why Choose James Morton?

We have been manufacturing custom ties for over 40 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. We have uncompromising standards for quality assurance and excellence and we leave no detail to chance.

We have the lowest lead times in the business from order to delivery so you will sleep easy knowing that your customisable ties will arrive on time.


How to order

To begin your order, start by getting a quote through our website or call us on: 0845 519 6748. Once you have your design ideas, our team will produce PDF artwork ready for your approval. You can also use our online tie designer to kick this off.

Once you are happy with the artwork and the tie designs, you can place your order with us. We will then send you a made-up sample to be approved by you. Once you’ve approved the ties and scarves we will get your whole order produced.


If you have any other questions, get in touch with the team either online or by phone.

High Quality Wholesale Ties by James Morton

Wholesale ties are the perfect solution for businesses or clubs looking to add a professional and consistent touch to uniforms and workwear.

With over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing ties, James Morton supply wholesale ties and scarves to companies of all sizes and in a variety of sectors, from car dealerships to airlines.

By purchasing wholesale ties and scarves you can ensure complete uniformity across all members of staff, with each tie being the same as the last. Wholesale ties make your uniforms stand out, whilst making staff or club members easily identifiable.

Wholesale ties offer the chance to purchase as many ties as you need, with unit costs reducing for higher order volumes. Whether you need 100 ties of the same block colour, or 500 ties in a variety of colours and styles to show subtle differences, we pride ourselves on delivering the best option for your needs.

By opting for bespoke wholesale ties, businesses have a greater range of options for personalisation and variety. At James Morton we can produce an exact colour match for your chosen design and include custom designed logos. We can also add a variety of finishing touches including logo labels, lining and presentation boxes. Plus, you can choose between different weaves and materials (including recycled materials) for a truly bespoke finish.

For more assistance on wholesale ties and to discuss your needs further, get in touch with our team on 0845 519 6748.

Benefits of Promotional Ties for your Business

Best known for their formal fashion capabilities, a tie can also be used to add a sense of humour to an outfit or even to add a sense off class to casual attire. Whatever occasion you choose to wear your tie, I bet you never thought you could use a tie to promote your business.

So know you know that you can use promotional ties to enhance your business, what exactly is it that they can do for you?

  1. Brand Awareness

    Aha, the classic ‘brand awareness’ hack. By creating your own customised ties that represent your business using your logos and colours, you can spread the brand around – it even works at a subconscious level.

    If someone is looking for something that your business offers they may see an ad or you website and something will click. The recognition of your brand will make them more likely to purchase from you than another brand with which they have none at all.

  2. Shows commitment to the brand

    Wearing your tie on a regular basis and when out and about ultimately shows that you are committed to the cause.

  3.  Proudness

    If you are happy to represent the brand and spread the word, you must ultimately be proud to wear the promotional tie.

    It also shows that your brand is proud of their employees and that you are willing to show them off.



To get your own custom ties for your business get in touch with us today. You may either be looking to invest for an event or to show off some off the aspects mentioned above.

Try our custom tie builder to get an idea of what your businesses promotional tie could look like and get in touch with us for a quote.


Benefits of custom cufflinks and tie bars

When buying wholesale ties for your club, school or business you will have fully thought through the design, colours and style. When your team are looking absolutely incredible in their matching custom ties, it would be wrong to throw in some basic cuff links or tie bars. What you really need is some custom tie clips and cufflinks to finish off the look. Here are some ways this could help benefit you and your team.


Represents you as a team

Custom cuff links and tie clips that fit in with the design and style of your custom ties help you stand out as committed and proud of the brand that you are representing. This shows people that you are a strong team and one that cares about the way they are perceived.


Plenty of styles to choose from

We have a wide range of cufflinks that you can customise and tailor to your needs. Here are the styles of cufflinks we have available:

  • Antique Nickel Cufflinks
  • British Craft Cufflinks
  • Enamel Cufflinks
  • Equine Cufflinks
  • Gold Enamel Cufflinks
  • Gold Plated Cross
  • Gold Plated Cufflinks
  • Jewelled Cufflinks
  • Novelty Cufflinks
  • Silver Cufflinks

To discuss which cufflinks would be best for you, get in touch with one of the team or call directly on: 0845 519 6748


They’re stylish

A smart outfit is never complete until you accessorize. Tie clips and cufflinks are an absolute must in men’s fashion and should not be left out if you want a team that is on trend.

You can choose to have your personal logo on the cuff link or just choose something that represents what you do and who you are as a team.


Take a browse at our accessories, or (if you haven’t already) get a quote for your own custom ties so you can match them with your own unique cuff links and tie bars.

Tips for buying a high quality tie

When buying a tie for a specific occasion, it can be a rather daunting task. There are so many different ties to choose from and each one of them will accentuate your outfit in a different way. Choosing the right tie will really make the difference between a stylish look and one that just doesn’t look quite right. So what are the things you can do to ensure you get it right first time?


The Fabric

When you are looking for a quality tie, it’s important to consider the fabric of the tie. High quality manufacturers will use fabric that gives you a better knot, shape and overall look.

The best material you can have for a tie is silk. Simply because it is a high quality material and it generally looks much more stylish than any other material of tie.

Printed or Woven?

It is much easier to achieve a high quality pattern by printing on to the tie fabric, but  it is also possible to achieve patterns within woven ties too. Technology is much more sophisticated than it used to be and machines can now weave different colours of fabric to create high quality patterns. Due to this, it is possible to get high quality patterns within both printed and woven ties.


Embroidered ties are largely popular at the moment, but we would recommend choosing high quality woven or printed ties instead as they will last much longer.

Embroidered stitching can get damaged and fray after a while, which ruins the whole tie.

Tie Bar Tack (Stitch)

Turn over your tie and look for a little stitch on the back of the tie. This stitch isw for resting your tie bar upon so that it doesn’t slip out of place. If the tie has one of these, it means it was made by a proper tie manufacturer.


So know you know how to purchase a high-quality tie. We sell a wide range of quality ties for a range of different purposes. You can also order custom ties with our company or club logo on, meaning you can make your team stand out from the crowd. For more information on custom printed ties visit the Design Your Own Tie page. 


How Your Business Could Benefit From Our Custom Ties

If you work for a business that requires formal wear on a day to day basis, you could benefit from custom ties from James Morton Ties.

Our custom ties allow you to print your own logo upon a tie designed by you and you can order as many as you need.


Portrays Professionalism

This may seem self-explanatory but having a coherent uniform, even if it’s just a tie, can make your business seem much more professional than a business where everyone has different ties.

Having your logo on your tie and using your businesses colour also shows you are serious about your business and are proud to wear the branding.


Business Promotion

When you are not in work, say on your way there or on your way back and in public, people may see your tie and mentally log it.

This works as a self-promotion method and can increase brand awareness for your business.


Sense of Unity

Uniforms are a great way to bring staff together. As you are ruling out competitive tie wearing and leveling everyone to the same standard you may see reduced tension in the office.

This method is used in school but is also shown to have benefits when used in a more formal and adult scenario.


To get the perfect ties for your business and start designing your custom ties right away. Get in touch with one of our professionals to get a quote for your business ties.

James Morton Ties – How to Wear A Tie


There is a set of unspoken rules about wearing a tie, and a lot of us don’t know them. By learning these important rules, you can set yourself apart and become a much more professional and stylish individual.

These are the 3 elements of tie wearing and buying that can help you become more fashion conscious.



Donald Trump Tie

We are all talking about Donald Trump’s terrible ties and the main problem is that they’re just too long!

It is recommended that your tie ends just above your belt buckle, with the tip of your tie hanging over slightly.

The problem with ties that are too long is that they look sloppy. Also, tying your tie too short risks you looking like a clown.

To get your tie at the right length, tie it when standing in your natural posture as slouching or standing up too tall can negatively affect the accuracy of your tie length.

Another element to consider is the height of your trousers. If your trousers fit higher on the waist you do not want to significantly reduce the length of you tie with that, as it may make you look out of proportion.

Aim for your tie to fall relative to your waistband


  1. Width

The width of your tie should be picked depending on your body shape. If you have very broad shoulders, opt for a slightly wider than average tie width as it will accentuate your body shape and emphasise your figure.

If you do not have very broad shoulders it is not advised to wear a wide tie as it emphasises that you do not have broad shoulders.

Those with a slim build should opt for a skinnier tie as it compliments your figure more effectively.


  1. Knot

Getting the knot right is another extremely important element of tie wearing. A knot that is too big will like silly, but so will a knot that is too tiny.

The 3 knots you should know and use are:

  • Four-in-Hand
  • Half-Windsor
  • Windsor

A great small knot is the Four-in-Hand knot, which is a popular and necessary knot to know and use. The Windsor forms a symmetrical knot which is great for formal occasions.

Another tip is to create a dimple beneath the knot of your tie. This adds a finishing touch of style and can be done by forming a crease in the centre of your tie beneath the knot whilst tying it and then pulling it in to create a lovely fold/ dimple in your tie (See image below).

Tie Dimple

Getting your tie right is important, and now you’re a master.

Are you wearing ties wrong?

Call us biased but here at James Morton Ties we think that the right tie can transform your whole outfit. We’ve put together a guide to some common tie mistakes so that you can make  sure your ties look their best at all times.

Wrong tie length

Are you tying your ties too short?  Many tie wearers ignore the basic rule, that the end of your tie should reach your belt buckle- no higher and no lower. Getting it wrong can make your whole appearance look off-balance.  Likewise, make sure that you choose the right width of tie for your suit- skinny ties look best worn with suit jackets that have a slim lapel.

Badly tied tie

Choosing the right knot for your tie is a must if you want to wear your ties well. Thicker and heavier fabrics will suit a windsor knot, while a lighter polyester tie looks best with a half windsor or more simple knot. The knot of your tie should fit neatly into the collar, with no gaps visible.

Mismatched design

A well-selected tie should complement your outfit rather than standing out. Consider the texture and fabric of your suit as well as the colour- a wool suit needs a suitably heavy tie fabric whereas lightweight summer suits match better with ties that are lighter in both fabric and colour.

Your shirt and tie should also match each other, so if you are wearing a patterned shirt then opt for a plain tie to avoid print overload. Choosing a tie that is in the same colour family as your shirt, in a complementary tone is an easy way to look smart and polished.

The trick for achieving a perfect tie

Our secret for making sure that ties look great every time? Use a tie clip. This accessory is definitely underused in our eyes, as it offers a stylish way to keep your tie in place so that you look smart all day long. Choose your tie clip design and then simply clip it on about halfway down the tie.

What to look for from a custom tie manufacturer

When you are ordering custom made ties online for your club or business, it can be hard to know for sure whether you can rely on the company you are ordering from. We have put together a guide on what a good tie manufacturer should offer, to help you feel confident when purchasing ties online.

Design team

When it comes to choosing a design for your custom ties, it can be difficult to know where to start- how should you incorporate your team or brand’s colours? What pattern should you opt for, and should you include your crest or logo? What you need to make this decision easier are expert designers to advise you on the best tie style to suit your business or club branding. Here at James Morton Ties we also offer a free tie design tool which allows you to visualise your chosen colours in a range of different patterns to make ordering that much easier.

Quality service assured

The benefit of purchasing from an online tie manufacturer is that you get to enjoy factory-direct prices, but this doesn’t always necessarily equate to quality. As a UK based company we have a proud history of British manufacturing, which ensures a high level of quality for all of our products. We also offer a price comparison promise to beat any price you have received a written quotation for on comparable orders.

Easy ordering

Even when you are ordering custom made products, it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. A worthy tie design company will keep you involved in the process without you having to do all the legwork. Our team of tie designers will work with you to create artwork to your specification, and then we will send you a sample of this for you to approve before the final order goes ahead.


When you are considering which tie supplier to choose, one of the most important factors to consider is the delivery timescales. Some companies will use overseas suppliers and will have to wait for your products to be shipped over, which can mean you are left waiting weeks or even months on end for your order. As our manufacturing facilities are UK based, we can offer some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

For more advice on how to order your custom made ties, get in touch with our helpful team today.

How to Order Football Club Ties

Here at James Morton we have over 40 years of experience in supplying quality ties to sports clubs. We are proud to supply custom ties to a range of football clubs, and we can match any design you have, with club colours and crests or logos included. Whether you want to design a personalised tie to commemorate a special club event or tour, or you need to order a custom football club tie for members and supporters to wear at any time, we are happy to provide this.

Bespoke tie design
Our ties can be made from high quality polyester or silk for a smart and luxurious finish. We can provide dye printing to match team colours, or we can provide woven stripes and logos to your tie as required. At James Morton we are able to match any Pantone colour- simply provide us with the Pantone reference number when you order. Show off your club’s branding with a jacquard woven motif or an embroidered logo.

New tie designer

Designing your football club ties has never been easier thanks to our improved tie designer. Use our online design tool to create your own custom tie with your preferred pattern and colours. You can download your completed version to share with friends and colleagues, and then send to us when you are ready to order.

How to order

Whether you have already finished designing your club ties, or you have just started planning and need some input, our team of in-house designers are on hand to help. With their expert advice you can choose the best fabric, weave, colour and pattern for your tie. Don’t forget the finishing touches! We can even provide bespoke labels and lining to make your club ties truly unique.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can create custom ties for your team.