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Custom cufflinks from James Morton

Ties are often the main way that you might accessorise when wearing a suit, but here at James Morton not only do we supply customers with custom ties for all occasions, we also offer a range of other accessories including custom cufflinks.

Bespoke cufflinks make for a distinguished gift, and we offer cufflinks in a range of qualities and materials from standard nickel-plated cufflinks to more luxurious cufflinks made from precious metals or jewels, meaning they can be fully customised to suit the recipient.

Alternatively, cufflinks can be used to raise brand awareness or as another way of identifying certain clubs, organisations, or teams. Whilst cufflinks were traditionally worn by men for formal attire, they are now multifunctional, being worn by both men and women and for a range of reasons from stag dos to work events.

How are cufflinks worn?

To make your cufflinks really stand out and to fully co-ordinate your outfit, we have a few top tips for how to wear cufflinks.

Before purchasing cufflinks, be aware that not all shirts are made to be worn with cufflinks; it all depends on the cuff. Make sure you have double cuffed or French shirts as these will have a designated buttonhole for your bespoke cufflinks.

Matching your metals is one of the most widely known rules of jewellery wearing, and it applies to other accessories too. Coordinating a gold belt with gold personalised cufflinks for example, will look better than a gold belt and silver cufflinks.

Similarly to matching accessories, when choosing your cufflinks, you may also want to consider what tie or pocket squares you will be wearing, if any. By matching your cufflinks to these, it will bring everything together and make them stand out more.

Alternatively, if you aren’t wearing a tie or pocket square you can match the cufflinks to your tie by picking one of the main colours to match them to. For example, if the overall colour palette or stripe colour of your shirt is warm such as orange and green, then gold would work because it’s a warmer colour. Whereas a silver engraved cufflink would work well with a black or grey custom tie as these are cooler colours.

Whatever your needs, our design team have the expertise to create the custom cufflinks that you’re looking for. Please get in touch with our team to discuss your needs further.

Benefits of custom cufflinks and tie bars

When buying wholesale ties for your club, school or business you will have fully thought through the design, colours and style. When your team are looking absolutely incredible in their matching custom ties, it would be wrong to throw in some basic cuff links or tie bars. What you really need is some custom tie clips and cufflinks to finish off the look. Here are some ways this could help benefit you and your team.


Represents you as a team

Custom cuff links and tie clips that fit in with the design and style of your custom ties help you stand out as committed and proud of the brand that you are representing. This shows people that you are a strong team and one that cares about the way they are perceived.


Plenty of styles to choose from

We have a wide range of cufflinks that you can customise and tailor to your needs. Here are the styles of cufflinks we have available:

  • Antique Nickel Cufflinks
  • British Craft Cufflinks
  • Enamel Cufflinks
  • Equine Cufflinks
  • Gold Enamel Cufflinks
  • Gold Plated Cross
  • Gold Plated Cufflinks
  • Jewelled Cufflinks
  • Novelty Cufflinks
  • Silver Cufflinks

To discuss which cufflinks would be best for you, get in touch with one of the team or call directly on: 0845 519 6748


They’re stylish

A smart outfit is never complete until you accessorize. Tie clips and cufflinks are an absolute must in men’s fashion and should not be left out if you want a team that is on trend.

You can choose to have your personal logo on the cuff link or just choose something that represents what you do and who you are as a team.


Take a browse at our accessories, or (if you haven’t already) get a quote for your own custom ties so you can match them with your own unique cuff links and tie bars.