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Five easy steps to design and create your own custom ties and scarves

Here at James Morton, we make it very easy for you to create your own custom ties or scarves. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of neckwear, whether it’s for a club, a school, or a corporate event, a more bespoke style can work very well. Our custom-made ties and scarves are a fantastic solution. We have over 40 years of experience creating personalised ties for universities, regiments, masonic chapters, schools and a wide range of other industries and organisations. So how do you go about getting a bespoke tie or scarf designed and created? Let’s take a look at how it works here at James Morton in five easy steps.  

1 – Use our quick and simple design process

Whether you’ve already got your own idea for a design or need some creative input from our experienced designers, we’re here to help you achieve your bespoke tie or scarf. There are a number of ways to get you started. Our in-house team is on hand to produce initial tie or scarf designs free of charge. Alternatively, if you already know what you’d like, you’re welcome to use our handy online tie-designer tool to create something that can then be shared over email with friends or colleagues. Once you have a design in mind, just get in touch to get a quote.         

2 – Choose a style that suits   

We’re keen to work closely with you to portray your brand. Whether you’re trying something different or just want to keep it classic, you’re sure to find the right type of tie or scarf to complement your company, school or organisation’s unique style. Each tie or scarf can be created to your exact specifications and we give you a huge range of choices when it comes to fabrics and weaves. You can also customise your tie according to:  

  • size
  • material 
  • finish
  • pattern 
  • colour
  • design – including branding, logos, crests and club badges.   

As experts in tie manufacturing, we have significant experience creating a huge variety of tie and scarf styles. Your dedicated sales advisor can give advice and a range of flexible options when it comes to sizes, or choosing the best finish. We can even personalise the tie or scarf labels for you. To make sure you’re 100% happy with the style, we will send you a sample for your approval before we start on the full order.  

3 – Consider an eco-friendly option   

We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers an environmentally friendly choice when it comes to our products. Our eco-friendly ties still retain the high-quality finish, but the polyester yarn is cleverly made from recycled plastic bottles which would otherwise be destined for landfill. It’s the perfect way to promote corporate and social responsibility in your school or business, as well as playing a part in living more sustainably.     

4 – Get value for money with our price-promise guarantee    

With James Morton’s price-promise guarantee, you can rest assured that you have got your custom tie or scarf for the best price on the market. We review our prices regularly and will promise to beat any better price, based on receiving a written quotation for a comparable order. With manufacturing based in the UK as well as overseas, this ensures that we can also provide some of the shortest lead times in the industry, as well as providing low order quantities, at the same time as guaranteeing high-quality craftsmanship for each piece created.     

5 – Join our 1000s of satisfied customers    

Your finished tie or scarf can be further customised with final touches such as presentation wallets or boxes, perfect for a special occasion. Whatever our ties and scarves are destined for – a sports club, a military regiment or an important event – we know that they’re being worn around the UK with pride. As one cricket club told us: “We looked the part on our big day at Lords, wearing club ties especially manufactured for the occasion. The tie quality is excellent, service was professional and always helpful throughout the design and ordering process. We may not have won on the pitch but we looked like winners off it!”

Join our thousands of satisfied customers today. We look forward to hearing from you.

How to design your custom school tie from James Morton

Having a school tie as part of a school uniform can help to give students a sense of unity, whilst also helping them to develop the skill of tying a tie. Ties are also useful for schools that have different houses, or those who wish to be able to identify different year groups more easily.

James Morton offers a range of custom school ties with various design options available, allowing you to create a bespoke tie that fulfills the needs of your school.

Expertly crafted school ties from James Morton

When creating your custom school tie, preparation is key to ensuring you get a tie which both staff and pupils are happy with. We recommend creating some mock-up designs and going through them with focus groups throughout the school.

This will allow you to gain opinions from students, teachers, and other faculty members, and to create a tie that is a good match for the schools image but will also be worn by pupils.

When choosing the material and pattern of the tie, make sure you take in to account the fabrics and patterns you already use within other parts of the school uniform. You want a tie that brings the uniform together, rather than clashing with it or getting lost in it.

For example, if you wear woolen jumpers in the winter, it is unlikely that you would want a woolen tie to be worn under this. Also, if students wear blazers, you must consider the width and the aesthetics of the tie when worn with said blazer.

Colour is a good way of expressing the feelings of the school you are designing for, we recommend using it on your tie in a creative way. Offering different patterned ties to your students could also be a way to create more variety in their choice whilst keeping them uniform in their clothes.

Arrange your quote and order bespoke school ties from James Morton

Getting the design right can be challenging if you don’t have a fixed idea of what your ties should look like. If you are unsure on what material or pattern would be best, having a chat with our expert design team will guide you on the finer points of your school tie design.

Alternatively, if you have a design in mind, you can use our online design tool to get you started. After the creative process is complete, you will have a set of final designs that are ready to be turned into quality custom school ties by the experts at James Morton.

How are custom ties manufactured at James Morton?

When it comes to the creation of custom ties for your business, the tie manufacturing process is crucial to developing a high-quality and durable product. At James Morton, we pride ourselves on being a top tie manufacturer, offering ties to our customers that are of the best quality.

The first step in the process for creating a tie is to develop a workable design. The design can be developed by our in-house design team or through our custom design tool by the client.

From the design, the process of creating the custom tie can begin.

Manufacturing a custom tie

After the initial design stage, the tie manufacturing process can begin. Depending on the specifications, a custom tie can either be made by hand, machine, or a combination of the two. The exact method will depend on the design requirements and the materials being used.

The first step of manufacturing a custom tie is to cut the chosen fabric using a transparent template. A transparent template is used during the process to ensure any designs on the tie are symmetrical, which is especially important for striped neckties as the stripes should be parallel to the tip of the tie.

Next, the inlay of the tie is cut, and these are often from silk or polyester, although cotton can also be used if preferred. Silk ties are higher in quality, but polyester ties are more durable and therefore can be used on a regular day-to-day business rather than being used solely for special occasions.

The correct fit of the inlay is vital to ensure that the necktie can be tied properly. It should fill out the outer material exactly up to the rim. If it is too wide, the outer fabric of the tie will crinkle, if it is too narrow, it will slip back and forth.

After all the fabric is cut, the ties are pinned and sewn to create the finished product. As the last step, the tie must be steamed carefully to remove possible pressure marks.

Woven vs. Printed

Woven custom ties are manufactured on a loom with the design informing the selecting of different threads. The use of the different contrasting threads creates a noticeable weave within the custom tie.

Printed ties are manufactured in a slightly different way as the design is screen printed or digitally printed onto them. This allows for a smoother finish, compared to jacquard ties and will result in a tie that is lighter to wear.

Printed ties also allow for more vibrant colours and large areas of fine detailing, which isn’t as achievable on a woven tie.

If you are in need of bespoke ties from a high-quality tie manufacturer, then get in touch with our expert design team today to see how we can assist you.

Find the perfect custom tie with James Morton

Having custom ties can give your team or business a unique touch whether that be for the purposes of uniformity or perhaps to promote your organisation. At James Morton, we can create custom ties for all uses and can design ties to your specifications.

We can create anything from custom promotional ties and business ties to masonic ties and have outlined some examples of what we offer below.

Custom Logo Ties

Logo ties are an ideal choice for promoting a brand or for creating a sense of identity within a team, with the logo often displayed at the base of the tie so that it is clearly visible.

At James Morton, rather than stitching your logo on top of stocked fabric we will either weave your logo in as part of the material or print it on to the tie if the design is more complex. Our method of producing these ties ensures your custom logo ties are of high quality and will last over time.

School Uniform Ties

A school uniform tie helps portray a school’s identity and is perfect for schools who want different year groups, or school houses, to be easily identifiable.

As with all school uniform pieces, the ties need to be durable so at James Morton we add extra stitching to hard-wearing fabrics to increase the life of our school ties. These ties can fit different age ranges and come with the addition of a label where pupils can add their names.

School uniform ties can be plain in colour or be customised to include school colours and a logo.

Corporate Ties

Corporate ties make an ideal addition to most businesses, and having custom made corporate ties will help your business to stand out from the competitors. We make all of our custom ties on a Jacquard Loom which ensures a quality product.

Many James Morton customers order custom ties for significant corporate events. This helps with brand awareness, brand identity, and can make your team look more professional.

Military Ties

James Morton have a long history supplying bespoke military ties and other accessories to armed services across the world.

We offer regimental and military ties in woven polyester for regular wear or in woven silk for dress wear. These ties and accessories help to highlight which regiment members of the armed forces are in, and also what rank they are.

Order your custom ties from James Morton

Custom ties aren’t just for promotional use and can be purchased for a variety of uses as we have highlighted above.

Placing the order for your custom ties at James Morton could not be simpler. Our custom tie creator will help you design your perfect tie, alternatively, call us on 0845 519 6748 to discuss your needs further.

How promotional ties could benefit your business

At James Morton, we are dedicated to offering customised ties for any occasion. Ties don’t just have to be for special occasions, so in this blog, we have highlighted some ways in which custom made ties can be used as a promotional tool to help elevate your brand.

If you can find the right strategy to get promotional ties in front of your customers, you will increase your brand awareness and create memorable customer experiences.

Create brand consistency with promotional ties

If your business frequently hosts or attends events which require a suit and tie then you could be missing out on showcasing your brand if you aren’t choosing to wear bespoke ties to these events.

Ties are a subtle way to show brand consistency. They are easily created to match your company colour scheme, with the bonus of being able to add logos, emblems or writing which matches anything you use on your website and other marketing channels.

Group networking events and career fairs are the ideal places for you and your team to wear branded ties, as it will immediately give you an identity and show people that you are from the same company, creating an impression from the start.

From an employer perspective, giving your employees a promotional tie when they join or for a team event will help to make them feel more included and part of the team. This is a small token, but it will immediately boost morale and will increase the overall productivity of your workforce.

Custom ties are also the perfect way to reinforce your brand image in the minds of any potential customers. If they recognise your brand from seeing it on your employees’ uniforms whilst they are outside of the office or workplace, then they are more likely to trust your business and want to be associated with you.

Promotional ties from James Morton

Promotional ties can help you to increase brand awareness and generate new leads for your business.

Creating your custom promotional ties at James Morton with our custom tie maker will enable you to develop a promotional tie that perfectly matches your brand guidelines.

Get in touch with us today to start creating the perfect tie for your needs.

Ordering Custom Ties at James Morton

Custom Ties and Scarves

At James Morton, we bring your designs to life.  We specialise in manufacturing custom printed Ties for your business, sports club, school and more. Using our no obligation design service we can help you create the best tie possible for your organisation.


Accessories and Extras

As well as helping you to design the ideal tie we also offer customisable extras to make your ties and scarves that extra bit special. These services include customised labels, presentation boxes, tie clips and pocket squares.


Why Choose James Morton?

We have been manufacturing custom ties for over 40 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. We have uncompromising standards for quality assurance and excellence and we leave no detail to chance.

We have the lowest lead times in the business from order to delivery so you will sleep easy knowing that your customisable ties will arrive on time.


How to order

To begin your order, start by getting a quote through our website or call us on: 0845 519 6748. Once you have your design ideas, our team will produce PDF artwork ready for your approval. You can also use our online tie designer to kick this off.

Once you are happy with the artwork and the tie designs, you can place your order with us. We will then send you a made-up sample to be approved by you. Once you’ve approved the ties and scarves we will get your whole order produced.


If you have any other questions, get in touch with the team either online or by phone.

High Quality Wholesale Ties by James Morton

Wholesale ties are the perfect solution for businesses or clubs looking to add a professional and consistent touch to uniforms and workwear.

With over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing ties, James Morton supply wholesale ties and scarves to companies of all sizes and in a variety of sectors, from car dealerships to airlines.

By purchasing wholesale ties and scarves you can ensure complete uniformity across all members of staff, with each tie being the same as the last. Wholesale ties make your uniforms stand out, whilst making staff or club members easily identifiable.

Wholesale ties offer the chance to purchase as many ties as you need, with unit costs reducing for higher order volumes. Whether you need 100 ties of the same block colour, or 500 ties in a variety of colours and styles to show subtle differences, we pride ourselves on delivering the best option for your needs.

By opting for bespoke wholesale ties, businesses have a greater range of options for personalisation and variety. At James Morton we can produce an exact colour match for your chosen design and include custom designed logos. We can also add a variety of finishing touches including logo labels, lining and presentation boxes. Plus, you can choose between different weaves and materials (including recycled materials) for a truly bespoke finish.

For more assistance on wholesale ties and to discuss your needs further, get in touch with our team on 0845 519 6748.

Discover the different types of tie

When choosing a tie there are a range of options available, and historically different ties were created for different uses, giving each tie its own bit of history and its own occasion to be worn.

At James Morton we have a whole range of custom made ties available and in this blog we take a look at some of the common types of tie from over the years.

1. Ascot Tie

The Ascot Tie dates to the 18th Century and is thought to have grown in popularity in the 19th Century. The term came about from the Royal Ascot Race, where gentlemen who attended wore a looser day tie as part of their morning attire. For this reason, the ascot is often known as a day cravat.

2. Bow Tie

Whilst bow ties date back to the 17th Century, the bow tie is still popular today, especially with formal-casual attire. That being said, bow ties are still commonly seen at formal events such as black tie and military events.

They now come in 3 distinct types: Self-tie, Pre-tied and Clip-on.

3. Bola/Bolo Tie

Most commonly referred to as the Bolo Tie and generally associated with Western areas of The United States. They are made from a piece of cord or leather and fixed together with an ornamental and decorative clasp/slide.

These ties are still worn today but aren’t so common as other ties such as the bow tie and the more traditional neck tie.

4. Cravat

Cravats appear to be coming back in to fashion again, forming popularity in regions of London.

The type of tie comes from the style worn by the 17th Century military unit – the Croats. They are different to the neck tie in that they are larger and more prominent.

5. Kipper Tie

Kipper ties are like your regular neck tie, except they have some attributes that make them their own.

Kipper ties are extremely wide, often up to 5 inches and show off bright and showy designs.

They were fashionable in the 1940’s and could have got their name from the extreme width of them which make them not dissimilar to a kipper fish.

6. Neck Tie

This was previously referred to as a four-in-hand tie due to the knot used, but as more knots were invented and used more frequently this tie became the neck tie and is now the most common tie.

Neck ties can vary in width and length. They can be as wide as 5 inches, but they usually sit around the 3-inch mark. It is advised that you choose a wider tie if you have broader shoulders and a skinny tie for slimmer builds. This way the width of the tie compliments the wearer.

The length of a neck tie can be anywhere between 52 and 58 inches. The end of the tie should rest at the top of your trousers, meaning men with larger torsos should opt for a longer tie.

7. Sailors Neckerchief

The sailors tie is reported to have made its first appearance in the 16th Century. It was originally used to protect sailors’ necks from their stiff collared shirts. The ties are tied with a square not, which was introduced in 1817 so that all sailors in the Navy would tie their ties the same way.

The Sailors Neckerchiefs are also worn as part of Japanese School Uniforms and are worn for fashion in other areas of the world.

8. Scarves

Scarves are light pieces of fabric, often silk, that are tied around the neck. Scarves are available for both men and women and can be worn both formally and casually.

They are commonly seen on air hostesses but are used for other job roles too.

At James Morton we have a wide variety of ties and accessories available to suit all requirements. We offer plain wholesale ties and bespoke ties, with a no obligation design service to help get the right tie for your business, club or school.

We have a range of styles available, plus a selection of materials and finishes. To discuss your needs please call us on: 08455196748 or contact us to get a quote.

Discover expertly crafted custom ties by James Morton

Custom ties are the perfect solution for businesses or clubs who are looking to add a special touch to their ties. At James Morton, we are proud to be the premier supplier of custom ties in the UK, with over 40 years’ experience supplying hundreds of satisfied customers.

We offer high-quality custom ties in any style for any occasion, from custom logo ties to bespoke business ties.

Purchasing ties can be challenging, especially when trying to choose a style and design that suits everyone that will be wearing a tie. By opting for personalised ties, you are immediately presented with a wider range of options to choose from and can have full creative control over the design of your tie.

Gone are the days when ties were all very similar and used solely for corporate or formal wear. Instead, we are seeing ties becoming more of a fashion statement and being used to add a final touch to a uniform or more casual outfit. The team at James Morton are passionate about creating the right tie to suit each customer, no matter the occasion.

As well as being able to choose your colours and add a logo, the ties can be woven in 12 different ways, giving you 12 different ways to make your custom-made ties stand out from the rest. When choosing your tie, our expert team can help you choose the best tie fabric and weave to suit your needs, whether you want to stay more traditional or go for a bolder choice.

Once you have finalised your design, we can add the final touches to further customise your tie such as different linings, personalised labels, and presentation boxes.

To discuss your needs further, contact our expert team who will be happy to create initial designs for you without charge and without obligation.

Benefits of Promotional Ties for your Business

Best known for their formal fashion capabilities, a tie can also be used to add a sense of humour to an outfit or even to add a sense off class to casual attire. Whatever occasion you choose to wear your tie, I bet you never thought you could use a tie to promote your business.

So know you know that you can use promotional ties to enhance your business, what exactly is it that they can do for you?

  1. Brand Awareness

    Aha, the classic ‘brand awareness’ hack. By creating your own customised ties that represent your business using your logos and colours, you can spread the brand around – it even works at a subconscious level.

    If someone is looking for something that your business offers they may see an ad or you website and something will click. The recognition of your brand will make them more likely to purchase from you than another brand with which they have none at all.

  2. Shows commitment to the brand

    Wearing your tie on a regular basis and when out and about ultimately shows that you are committed to the cause.

  3.  Proudness

    If you are happy to represent the brand and spread the word, you must ultimately be proud to wear the promotional tie.

    It also shows that your brand is proud of their employees and that you are willing to show them off.



To get your own custom ties for your business get in touch with us today. You may either be looking to invest for an event or to show off some off the aspects mentioned above.

Try our custom tie builder to get an idea of what your businesses promotional tie could look like and get in touch with us for a quote.