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How are custom ties manufactured at James Morton?

When it comes to the creation of custom ties for your business, the tie manufacturing process is crucial to developing a high-quality and durable product. At James Morton, we pride ourselves on being a top tie manufacturer, offering ties to our customers that are of the best quality.

The first step in the process for creating a tie is to develop a workable design. The design can be developed by our in-house design team or through our custom design tool by the client.

From the design, the process of creating the custom tie can begin.

Manufacturing a custom tie

After the initial design stage, the tie manufacturing process can begin. Depending on the specifications, a custom tie can either be made by hand, machine, or a combination of the two. The exact method will depend on the design requirements and the materials being used.

The first step of manufacturing a custom tie is to cut the chosen fabric using a transparent template. A transparent template is used during the process to ensure any designs on the tie are symmetrical, which is especially important for striped neckties as the stripes should be parallel to the tip of the tie.

Next, the inlay of the tie is cut, and these are often from silk or polyester, although cotton can also be used if preferred. Silk ties are higher in quality, but polyester ties are more durable and therefore can be used on a regular day-to-day business rather than being used solely for special occasions.

The correct fit of the inlay is vital to ensure that the necktie can be tied properly. It should fill out the outer material exactly up to the rim. If it is too wide, the outer fabric of the tie will crinkle, if it is too narrow, it will slip back and forth.

After all the fabric is cut, the ties are pinned and sewn to create the finished product. As the last step, the tie must be steamed carefully to remove possible pressure marks.

Woven vs. Printed

Woven custom ties are manufactured on a loom with the design informing the selecting of different threads. The use of the different contrasting threads creates a noticeable weave within the custom tie.

Printed ties are manufactured in a slightly different way as the design is screen printed or digitally printed onto them. This allows for a smoother finish, compared to jacquard ties and will result in a tie that is lighter to wear.

Printed ties also allow for more vibrant colours and large areas of fine detailing, which isn’t as achievable on a woven tie.

If you are in need of bespoke ties from a high-quality tie manufacturer, then get in touch with our expert design team today to see how we can assist you.

How a bespoke printed tie could help you convey the right message

Having the right style and colour of tie can be important for businesses and organisations who are often in front of clients or members of the public, as a tie is often the piece of the puzzle that brings an outfit together.

Colour has been used for centuries to convey certain feelings, emotions, or even to show support or allegiance. For example, politicians will often wear ties that represent their party colour or will opt for something neutral such as a green or yellow tie to appear approachable.

Whilst many businesses and clubs won’t always think about the colours that they are incorporating in to any uniforms that they have, the psychological properties of colours is something that you may want to consider before ordering your printed ties. Red may be a striking and attractive colour which shows confidence and authority, but the deeper shades of red may feel aggressive to some that encounter you. In comparison, blue can suggest creativity, but certain shades of blue can suggest a certain coldness.

As well as having a variety of styles available, here at James Morton we can incorporate various colours, designs, or logos in to your chosen tie. This gives our customers the opportunity to have a truly original design which fits their needs and can help them to portray the right message.

Compared to woven ties, printed ties are a great option when a high degree of detail is needed as screen printing of the chosen fabric allows for a cleaner and crisper finish. This method is usually seen on silk fashion ties or promotional ties, where there is a repeat design or some specific imagery and text.

Our team will work with you to achieve the perfect printed tie for your needs and our design a tie tool is ideal for any business that already has an idea of the colour, style and design that they are looking for.

For further help choosing the right tie for your needs, get in touch with our team on: 0845 519 6748.

Ordering Custom Ties at James Morton

Custom Ties and Scarves

At James Morton, we bring your designs to life.  We specialise in manufacturing custom printed Ties for your business, sports club, school and more. Using our no obligation design service we can help you create the best tie possible for your organisation.


Accessories and Extras

As well as helping you to design the ideal tie we also offer customisable extras to make your ties and scarves that extra bit special. These services include customised labels, presentation boxes, tie clips and pocket squares.


Why Choose James Morton?

We have been manufacturing custom ties for over 40 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. We have uncompromising standards for quality assurance and excellence and we leave no detail to chance.

We have the lowest lead times in the business from order to delivery so you will sleep easy knowing that your customisable ties will arrive on time.


How to order

To begin your order, start by getting a quote through our website or call us on: 0845 519 6748. Once you have your design ideas, our team will produce PDF artwork ready for your approval. You can also use our online tie designer to kick this off.

Once you are happy with the artwork and the tie designs, you can place your order with us. We will then send you a made-up sample to be approved by you. Once you’ve approved the ties and scarves we will get your whole order produced.


If you have any other questions, get in touch with the team either online or by phone.