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How to design your custom school tie from James Morton

Having a school tie as part of a school uniform can help to give students a sense of unity, whilst also helping them to develop the skill of tying a tie. Ties are also useful for schools that have different houses, or those who wish to be able to identify different year groups more easily.

James Morton offers a range of custom school ties with various design options available, allowing you to create a bespoke tie that fulfills the needs of your school.

Expertly crafted school ties from James Morton

When creating your custom school tie, preparation is key to ensuring you get a tie which both staff and pupils are happy with. We recommend creating some mock-up designs and going through them with focus groups throughout the school.

This will allow you to gain opinions from students, teachers, and other faculty members, and to create a tie that is a good match for the schools image but will also be worn by pupils.

When choosing the material and pattern of the tie, make sure you take in to account the fabrics and patterns you already use within other parts of the school uniform. You want a tie that brings the uniform together, rather than clashing with it or getting lost in it.

For example, if you wear woolen jumpers in the winter, it is unlikely that you would want a woolen tie to be worn under this. Also, if students wear blazers, you must consider the width and the aesthetics of the tie when worn with said blazer.

Colour is a good way of expressing the feelings of the school you are designing for, we recommend using it on your tie in a creative way. Offering different patterned ties to your students could also be a way to create more variety in their choice whilst keeping them uniform in their clothes.

Arrange your quote and order bespoke school ties from James Morton

Getting the design right can be challenging if you don’t have a fixed idea of what your ties should look like. If you are unsure on what material or pattern would be best, having a chat with our expert design team will guide you on the finer points of your school tie design.

Alternatively, if you have a design in mind, you can use our online design tool to get you started. After the creative process is complete, you will have a set of final designs that are ready to be turned into quality custom school ties by the experts at James Morton.

Find the perfect custom tie with James Morton

Having custom ties can give your team or business a unique touch whether that be for the purposes of uniformity or perhaps to promote your organisation. At James Morton, we can create custom ties for all uses and can design ties to your specifications.

We can create anything from custom promotional ties and business ties to masonic ties and have outlined some examples of what we offer below.

Custom Logo Ties

Logo ties are an ideal choice for promoting a brand or for creating a sense of identity within a team, with the logo often displayed at the base of the tie so that it is clearly visible.

At James Morton, rather than stitching your logo on top of stocked fabric we will either weave your logo in as part of the material or print it on to the tie if the design is more complex. Our method of producing these ties ensures your custom logo ties are of high quality and will last over time.

School Uniform Ties

A school uniform tie helps portray a school’s identity and is perfect for schools who want different year groups, or school houses, to be easily identifiable.

As with all school uniform pieces, the ties need to be durable so at James Morton we add extra stitching to hard-wearing fabrics to increase the life of our school ties. These ties can fit different age ranges and come with the addition of a label where pupils can add their names.

School uniform ties can be plain in colour or be customised to include school colours and a logo.

Corporate Ties

Corporate ties make an ideal addition to most businesses, and having custom made corporate ties will help your business to stand out from the competitors. We make all of our custom ties on a Jacquard Loom which ensures a quality product.

Many James Morton customers order custom ties for significant corporate events. This helps with brand awareness, brand identity, and can make your team look more professional.

Military Ties

James Morton have a long history supplying bespoke military ties and other accessories to armed services across the world.

We offer regimental and military ties in woven polyester for regular wear or in woven silk for dress wear. These ties and accessories help to highlight which regiment members of the armed forces are in, and also what rank they are.

Order your custom ties from James Morton

Custom ties aren’t just for promotional use and can be purchased for a variety of uses as we have highlighted above.

Placing the order for your custom ties at James Morton could not be simpler. Our custom tie creator will help you design your perfect tie, alternatively, call us on 0845 519 6748 to discuss your needs further.