Regimental Ties

Regimental ties by James Morton who wish to support our military veterans We have long been proud to supply bespoke regimental ties and accessories across the world to a variety of armed services, both British and Foreign, for current military and retired veterans. Whether it’s the Scottish Guards, Lancers, Royal Hussars or Parachute Regiment, we will have your design on record either for replenishing of stocks or amendment for bespoke versions. We often make a special edition regimental / military tie to celebrate an anniversary or formal occasion. Naturally, we can offer a variety of different textures and weaves, all of which will make superb quality ties.

We are especially proud on Armistice Day when each year we see so many of our ties worn by proud servicemen and women on the Mall. We’re also proud to be working with the Royal British Legion and the Grand Provincial Lodge of Derbyshire to create a special Centenary Armistice tie to help raise money for the Poppy Appeal. More information on the Armistice tie will be coming soon!

Regimental and military ties are available either for regular wear in woven polyester or for Dress wear in woven silk, we also offer matching bow ties, cummerbunds and waistcoats to your specification.

Our British manufacturing capability allows us to offer short lead times and still deliver the most competitive rates in the custom tie manufacturing industry.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your regimental and military ties and accessories.

Examples of our Regimental Ties & Military Ties

  • Regimental tie 1

    Example Tie 1

  • Regimental tie example 1

    Example Tie 2

  • Regimental tie example 3

    Example Tie 3

  • Regimental tie example 4

    Example Tie 4

  • Regimental tie example 5

    Example Tie 5

  • Regimental tie example 6

    Example Tie 6