Tie options


The weft and the warp in a fabric can be woven together in a variety of different combinations called weaves. Bringing more of the warp to the surface will alter the appearance, colour and handle of the fabric. Traditionally, club and regimental ties have been woven in a “repp” weave to give a classic look. We offer a choice of 12 weaves to select from or, if you have no preference, we will select the most appropriate weave for your tie.

Lining & tipping

As standard, we use a plain lining fabric to finish your custom tie in a colour that complements the tie fabric. We do however offer the possibility to further customise your tie by selecting the lining colour or weaving your logo or name into the lining fabric.


Your tie will be supplied with a label that can be used to retain the tail of the tie during wearing. It is also possible to personalise the label weaving in a company name or similar. This option is popular for corporate gifts to provide a discreet reminder of where the gift was from, or for schools to provide space for a pupil’s name.

Presentation boxes

As standard, your custom made ties will be individually wrapped in cellophane sleeves, but we do offer a range of presentation wallets and boxes to further personalise your ties and scarves.