This Is Why You Should Wear A Bow Tie This Christmas

With Christmas parties approaching, people are trying to decide what they want to wear. Do they try and impress their work colleagues or simply blend into the background?

If you want to stand out from the rest, we have a simple suggestion, Get yourself a bow tie. And here are some of the reasons why.

Firstly when it comes to Christmas parties, most men choose to wear the usual necktie with the possibility of a novelty Christmas themed design that is always a bad idea. Change it up and slip a bow tie on.

It’s the perfect symbol for showing you are an individual and that you are willing to be yourself. It will impress your colleagues.

Secondly and this is linked to the first, wearing a bow tie makes you appear more interesting. This may be because of the bow tie stereotype that leads us to think that those who wear bow ties are somehow interesting, intelligent and a little bit wacky.

Bill Nye wearing a bow tie at a film premiere
Bill Nye – The Science Guy

This could be down to people like Bill Nye the Science Guy wearing a bow tie. Wearing a bow tie this Christmas will make you appear more interesting and therefore more popular with party-goers.

With such an indication of how interesting you may be, the bow tie has become the best conversation starter you could have. Your colleagues will wonder why you have chosen to go for the more unique choice of a bow tie over the usual necktie.

Now here’s the secret to wearing the bow tie that many people do not know. If you are having an argument or debate and you want to make a winning statement here’s a tip for you.

Make your winning statement and then adjust your bow tie accordingly. That adjustment is the best-validating statement that you could possibly make.

And finally and unmistakably the best reason to wear a bow tie this Christmas is because you will be in the company of other esteemed bow tie wearers such at Sir Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Doctor Who.

Be unique. Be original. When you attend a Christmas party this year, do it in style by wearing a bow tie.