Tie Fabrics & weaves

James Morton have over 40 years’ experience creating personalised ties for businesses, clubs, regiments, universities, schools, masonic chapters and a variety of other industries.

We offer unparalleled levels of choice when it comes to tie designs, colours, materials, patterns and more. Regardless of your chosen design, our professional tie designers can advise you on the perfect selection of fabrics, weaves and finishes to ensure that your custom ties are suited to your requirements. We also produce sustainable, recycled eco-friendly custom ties – find out more.

Our Tie Fabrics & Manufacturing Processes

Traditionally ties were typically woven in either polyester or silk. However, as technologies have evolved, we now also have the option to print your designs directly onto the fabric of your tie, producing another popular finish.  Here is a brief overview of the types of fabric and manufacturing techniques that we offer. For more information or advice on choosing the best fabric for your custom ties, please contact our experts.

Why choose James Morton?

Silk is the classic fabric of choice for those wanting a sleek and sophisticated top quality tie. A silk tie is only worn occasionally in order to maintain it and should be saved for special events.
If you wanted a tie that is quintessentially British, then a silk woven tie is an excellent choice. Silk woven ties have been affiliated with clubs and regiments for many decades as the fine silk thread offers a superior shine and soft feel. Your motif will be jacquard woven into the fabric in order to give that classic texture and handle to the fabric and to allow for the finest details to be achieved in logos and motifs.
If you find a woven silk tie too heavy on the neck, try a custom printed silk tie as a lighter weight alternative. Many people prefer these because of their crisp, dry handle and lighter fabric as well as being more suitable for smaller knots. At James Morton Ties, we offer both dye printed silk ties and digital printed silk ties. Our dye printed silk ties are made by dying plain fabrics using large screens. Vibrant colours and large areas of fine detailing can be achieved using this technique. Our digital printed silk ties are manufactured using our specialised printing machine, achieving high degrees of detail to add depth to custom designs.
Polyester ties are the best bet for organisations that require uniforms or demand formal everyday workwear. Polyester is a cheaper option than silk but is longer lasting when worn regularly and therefore the best choice for these types of groups.
Polyester ties have come far in the past few years. Through improved manufacturing techniques, polyester is no longer a cheap, synthetic looking fabric as it once was. Unlike silk ties, polyester ties are more durable and therefore can be used on a regular day-to-day business, making them perfect accessories for corporate business and school ties. Stripes and logos are woven into the fabric to provide an alternative to embroidery or surface printing.
Similarly, we can also print your custom design onto polyester ties. This is a popular option for transport drivers, guards, cabin crew and bank cashiers because they are bright, easily matched to corporate colours, and are very cost effective. This is especially useful when ordering in large numbers. We offer a choice of basic fabrics, but we suggest twill for its durability. Similarly to the printed silk ties, there is no limit on colours in your design.
An alternative design technique is embroidered ties; however, embroidered stitching can get damaged easily and fray. Therefore, at James Morton, we have chosen to manufacture high quality woven and printed ties instead as they last much longer.