Eco-friendly ties

What are Eco-friendly Ties?

Eco-friendly Ties by James Morton are high quality ties manufactured in the UK using recycled plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are used to create polyester yarn as opposed to using valuable natural oil, which is how standard polyester is created.

This is an innovate approach to tie manufacturing and James Morton is proud to support it through offering eco-friendly ties that offer sustainability in addition to style. 

At James Morton we feel passionately about producing sustainable products – what better way to support sustainability than wearing an item made from landfill waste!

Why choose James Morton?

Eco-friendly ties support your business

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Why choose Eco-friendly Ties from James Morton?

Who are they for?

For your information

The quality and durability of our products is not in any way compromised; our recycled polyester offers the same strength, quality, range of colours and luxurious feel as our standard polyester ties.

Minimum orders
School ties: 50; Adult ties: 30

For more information about our Eco-friendly Ties, or to discuss your needs, get in touch with a member of our team today.