Eco-Friendly Ties

What are Eco-friendly Ties?

Eco-friendly Ties by James Morton are high quality ties manufactured in the UK using recycled plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are used to create polyester yarn as opposed to using valuable natural oil, which is how standard polyester is created. At James Morton we feel passionately about producing sustainable products – what better way to support sustainability than wearing an item made from landfill waste!

Why choose Eco-friendly Ties from James Morton?

  • Plastic waste reduction – plastic is having a negative impact on our environment; by putting plastic waste to good use we are reducing degrading plastics on our land and in our oceans, tackling the growing concerns of landfill and pollution. To put this into context 1,000 Eco-friendly Ties saves approximately 2,000 bottles from landfill!
  • A reduced carbon footprint – our ties are manufactured in our UK solar-powered mills unlike many which are manufactured overseas and shipped thousands of miles. The use of recycled plastics is more ecological than extracting and processing raw materials as less energy is used.
  • Kind on your wallet – we’re able to offer these ties for just a few pence more than our standard polyester ties. We think it’s money well spent!

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Who are they for?

  • Schools – encourage sustainability within your school. We think it’s a great idea that pupils wear ties made out of recycled polyester and see what can be made from recycled plastic.
  • Companies – support corporate socially responsible work policies (CSR). Take environmental responsibility within your company, whilst also looking the part.
  • Other organisations – we know it’s not just schools and companies who care about protecting the environment with smaller organisations and individuals looking to play their part too in sustainable living.

For your information

The quality and durability of our products is not in any way compromised; our recycled polyester offers the same strength, quality, range of colours and luxurious feel as our standard polyester ties.

Minimum orders
School ties: 50; Adult ties: 30

For more information about our Eco-friendly Ties, or to discuss your needs, get in touch with a member of our team today.


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